Note: This story came from a writing prompt. If you haven't met Brandi and her parents yet, feel free to check out the introduction called "Wendy's Hawaiian Celebration" to get a better idea on who they are.

It was the holiday season once again. The office where Emma McCarey works for is having a company Christmas party like they normally do. They have a tradition on they keep every year to have everyone draw a name on who they would be Secret Santa to that certain person. The problem that Emma McCarey has is that she is happily married to a wonderful man named Jesse. Emma doesn't want either of them to know that she drew someone's name to be Secret Santa with, but he doesn't pay much attention to her. They work together at Dillard's. She works in the shoe department while he is a cashier for customer service.

This year once again Emma is the one in charge of entertainment since that is the gift for the McCarey family that go back in the seventeen seventies. Jesse has always been the the right husband for her ever since they got engaged and had one daughter. She decided to bring along with her on a couple of songs that she and Jesse had written together just recently. No, the songs aren't anything to do with Christmas.

Emma is well – known at Dillard's. A lot of the customers have known her for the past twenty – five years. She told her boss, whose name is Terry that she would be happy to do the entertainment department again.

"Terry, I do have a question to ask you about the entertainment I will be doing this year."

"What idea do you want to share with me?" he asked.

"You know how well – known the McCarey family is, right?"

"I do know. I keep up with Jay's music career. He sure does have that gift of performing."

"So do the rest of the past and future generations. We plan to keep that going. My question for you is that Jesse and I recently wrote a couple of songs together. Is that all right if I do that again this year?"

"Of course. So what you just told me is that you're a songwriter?"

"Exactly. A lot of the past generations are or were. Even my daughter Brandi writes songs once in a while. None of us decide to record any of our songs with the entire world to hear. We don't want to be like that 'Sunshine and Candy' song that made a big hit this summer from Richard McCarey. We mostly sing for the local and state."

"I understand where you come from, Emma. Is that the only question you have for me?" he asked.

"Just one more. It's about the entertainment I'm in charge of again this year."

"Ask away, Emma. Your gift of music definitely is good from the first generation of the McCarey history."

"Thank you, Terry. I wanted to know if Jesse could come along and perform the songs with me since we wrote them together."

"Of course your husband is welcome to come and perform for us and with you. We wouldn't be paying you for this. We have the party from six – thirty to eight. Jesse is welcome to stay for the entire party. Yes, we're doing Secret Santa again. Is that why you want to perform?"

Emma nodded.

"Yes. I want to be Secret Santa with the music I will be performing. Would that work? That way I won't have to spend my money on something."

"Yes, you can do that, but you still have to draw the name that you want that person to perform for us at the party. I'm sure that person will be surprised you put on a show."

"That's why I wanted to do this. Do you mind if I told you who this person is and not share with that person?"

"No, that's something I won't let you do. It would ruin the secret if you told me."

Emma saw he made a good point.

"I drew the name out of that hat when you had the other workers do the same, so I don't need to draw it again."

"Oh, you're right. I guess I wasn't paying much attention. Sorry."

This person that she wanted to be Secret Santa happens to be Terry himself, but there were two employees by that name, but this year it would be a surprise that she drew his name from the hate. She didn't bother telling him that she had a secret crush on him, but that would be cheating on Jesse, and she didn't want that. Terry happens to be out of her league because she'd married and he is engaged to be married in the fall next year. Now her workday was over and now it was time to go home.

Jesse was going to do the cooking that night. She didn't care if Terry asked what genre she wanted to be entertaining at the party tomorrow. Emma did almost forget that Brandi, Gregory, Marissa and Allison were coming for a while that evening. Emma wanted to hear what Brandi and Gregory would think of the entertainment plan at this year's Secret Santa party. That goes with Jesse as well.

Brandi was the one who rang the doorbell. Jesse left the stove for a while to let them in.

"Hi, sweetheart. Come on in," Jesse told Brandi.

"Hi, Dad. Thank you for inviting us over. Hi, Mom. How was your day at work?"

Even Jesse saw that Emma had something to share about this year's office party.

"You look like you have something on your mind, Emma."

"Of course I do. I wanted to perform there for my Secret Santa."

"Who is he?" Marissa asked.

"The boss. I did ask Terry if it was okay that I don't spend my money for that person. I thought performing was the best way to do that so he would see for himself that I wanted to give him this year."

"That's a good idea, Mom. You will do really well on that. Can we come along and watch you and Dad?"

"I don't see why not, Brandi. It is too bad that Wendy wouldn't be able to fly out from Biggs to see this."

"I know, Mom. I feel bad too, but we can still call her like we always do."

"We will. This party looks like it will be another hit on my entertaining bit this year."

"Did your boss ask about the genre?" Gregory asked.

"No, but that's okay. It's tomorrow at the same as it was last year. We'd better rehearse, Jesse."

"Of course we will. That's what performers do"

"That's true. Your cousin Jay does that a lot because of his tours he has every year," Jesse told Brandi.

"I know he does. I wish you luck on the performance you and Dad will be doing tomorrow night."

"I think we'll need it, Brandi."

They stayed with her and Jesse for about an hour, and then left so Emma and Jesse could practice for tomorrow night's office party.