A man walked into my office, one day.

"You Barefoot Jenny?"

"Yes, sir."

"Hi. My name is Peter Bradley. I own the Champs club."

"Oh, yes. You have mud wrestling, don't you?"

"Sure do! A couple days ago, I noticed some papers missing from my files. They're important to my business."

"I see."

"I'd like you to go undercover as a wrestler and investigate this. Would you mind doing that?"

"I've done some wrestling, in my time—mud, too! Sure, I'll go undercover as a mud wrestler, for you."


We talked over the fee, and other details.

"I've good the perfect name for you," he said. "Jenny the Jaguar!"

I smiled. "How about Jenny the Mud Jaguar?"

"Even better!"


The next day, after lunch, I went to the club and met the girls. They were Dirty Dorothy, Betty the Bomber, Carmen the Gypsy, and Muddy Mary.

The matches were held at one end of the club.

Betty walked over to me. "How about a practice match?"

I nodded. "All right."

I was shown the lockers. We changed (I brought a bathing suit) and went to the pit. Mr Bradley and the other girls sat on the side and watched.

The mud was thick and creamy—more of a clay, really. Before we got in, it was hosed down with water.

We faced each other and began. She got an early advantage, but I was able to get back. I brought her down in a pin, and won.

Showers were in a small room nearby. We got out of the pit and showered off.

"I'll get you back!," she warned.

"We'll see about that, honey."


The matches started at 10:00PM. Mr Bradley served as announcer. I was the first to wrestle.

"And now, for our first match, " he said,, "We introduce a new wrestler. She was born in the mud, and the mud is where she lives. Weighing 125 pounds, here is Jenny the Mud Jaguar!"

The audience cheered. I had to laugh at his description of me!

"Her opponent will be familiar to many of you. Weighing 127 pounds, here's Carmen the Gypsy!"

More cheers.

We knelt down and faced each other. A barefoot girl in a ref costume served as the referee.

It was the best out of three pins, untimed. For the first pin, I got an early lead, but she got out of it and eventually got a pin.

The second one went solidly to me.

The third was the longest and toughest. I almost got the pin several times, but in the end it went to her.

"And the winner is Carmen the Gypsy!


Since I lost, I didn't participate in the other matches, so I showered off and put my clothes back on.

The wrestling ended at midnight. I stayed around and had a couple drinks (non-alcoholic—I was on duty!) Mr Bradly let me crash in his office, where I slept for a bit.

The club closed at 2:00AM. Hi did some last minute things, then he also left. Now, I was alone. Some of the lights were left on.

There was a booth in a corner. I went there and lied down on the seat. I even managed to sleep for a bit.

But around 3:00, I was awaken by noises; someone was in the club!

Leaving my shoes off—it's quieter—I got up. The office door was open, and there was a light on.

I crept closer. A girl was in there looking through the file cabinet.

I pulled my gun out. She looked at me.

It was Betty the Bomber!

"All right, drop those files and put your hands up!," I said.

"Say, what's going on?"

"I'm arresting you, that's what's going on! My name is Barefoot Jenny, and I'm a private eye. My Bradley hired me to find out who's been stealing files of his."

She sighed. "I knew there's was something different about you!"

"That's why you wrestled me, isn't it?"

She declined comment.

Still holding the gun, I struggled to bring out my cell phone. Seeing this break, she ran out of the office. I ran after her and caught her. We were close by to the mud pit.

"How about another match, honey? If you win, you can leave." I knew I was taking a big chance, but I could still report her to Mr Bradley.

"All right!"

She kicked her sandals off, and we got in the pit.

It was a very tough match, but I was about to subdue her. I had to resort to punching her, though!

I got out and quickly called Mr Bradley. Fortunately, my phone can withstand mud!


It turned out that Betty was a cousin of Mr Bradley's ex-wife. When they divorced, Betty blamed him for it and decided to get even. He agreed not to press charges, so long as she left.

"I didn't mean for you to mud wrestle with you're clothes on!," he joked.

I smiled. "No problem. It won't be the first time I did that!"

"How about I pay you extra for your clothes?"

"An extra $50 will be fine. Thanks!"

Then he grew serious. "Hey, Jenny: You wouldn't be willing to do this full time? You're good, and I do need another girl."

"Sorry, no. I'm a detective, not a wrestler."

"I thought so. Well, thanks for your help."

"Any time!"