Chapter 0: My Past

I can vaguely remember a time when I was allowed to play with my twin sister Amelia, or that I even had a sister to begin with. We come from a strange family. I know its unusual because, when we were growing up, we were told to never tell anyone about our home life. We were never to discuss what we ate, where we slept, or any disclosing details about our way of life. We were even taught at an young age to never smile with our teeth showing. I know, it sounds bad, but as a kid, we knew none of that.

Our parents told us that if we were asked our favourite food or drink, lie. "Lying" wasn't their exact words. They said to stretch the "truth" as much as possible otherwise we'd be ostracized. I hardly understood what that meant but I could tell that that would be bad. Remember, I was a really young child at the time and knew little of the world. I was only alive for five years. Same with Amelia.

Right. Amelia.

Amelia Larabel Sterling. My twin sister. We grew up together until the year we turned six. Now, since this was quite more than a few years ago, I can't exactly remember what major incident occurred for Amelia to have left. I only remember bits and pieces like the fact that our parents were in such a state of panic. I remember Mom and Dad hurriedly trying to pack our things. I remember trying to ask them what was going on. As a small child, you could understand how confusing the whole situation was at the time.

As a small child whose parents were panicking, in turn made that child begin to panic. I didn't find out until years later just how strange we really were. I never realized how different we were from normal people. How different my twin sister and I were. Amelia and I, we were apparently total opposites.

For one, she was a vampire.

And I, wasn't.

I didn't find that out until a few years after Amelia was gone, when strange things started happening to my body and appearance. I was finally able to know the truth. The mystery of why my sister had to leave was now aparent to me. Why we were never actually allowed to be close to one another. Mom and dad were afraid she'd hurt me. Because she was born a vampire and miraculously, I wasn't.

We were born twins but our make-up was totally different. Everyone was stumped.

After I hit puberty, everything became different. The world of shadows and darkness were suddenly brought to light.

It started with the cramps. And the growing hunger. It didn't matter how much I ate, I could never get full. I was always starving. My stomach would gnaw on itself and I would be so nauseous. I was dizzy all the time and couldn't do much of anything. It was so painful.

Then, one day, my parents gave me this red juice. It smelled really good. After I drank it, I no longer felt hungry. It was instantly gone, like it was never even there.

Then my parents told me the truth about our family. We were vampires. Amelia was a vampire and now, I as well am a vampire. We were a family of vampires. Suddenly, all the weird requests my parents made of Amelia and me started to click piece-by-piece. And why we were never allowed to bring any friends over or have dinner with friends. Or them have dinner with us.

Everything made sense. I wasn't human. I wasn't like any of the normal kids. I was different. I was a vampire.

And I drink human blood to survive.