What's in a name? More than you know,
The playwright knew what he meant.
So why do I call you fire flower?

Maybe it's that time you kicked my ass
In that game of Super Smash
Burning my poor Kirby to ash
With a blast from N64 past.

Or is it that you're named for a flower?
Such a sweet name for a girl on fire.
Damn, you make my heart jump higher
Like I've been sprinting for three hours.

I think you should have been named Rose
Cause you light up my world with that scarlet glow
Warm enough to melt the ice and snow
Babe, you're redder than ol' Rudolph's nose.

Truth is, it's all of this, and none of it, too.
You're the flower I can never pick
Cause you burn hotter than the sun in June.