"Do you think we will get any Christmas gifts?"
Nine-year-old Amy was looking at her twin brother Joe. It was the night before Christmas and the two of them was in their beds, but none of them could sleep.
"Sure, why shouldn't we?" Joe asked.
"Because... you know... we did some quite bad things, didn't we?"
"So? Mom and dad didn't find out about the lego, did they? And Aunt Mary didn't tell about when we ran away from her house. So I think we are fine."
"But do you think that's fair? I mean, getting a lot of christmas gifts when we've not been that good?"
"Whatever" Joe said and turned to his tummy.
Amy sighed and did the same. She didn't agree with her brother's attitude to bad behaviour... sometimes it seemed like, for him, everything was fine as long as you got away with it. Amy, though, felt bad about some things that she had done. She was glad, of course, of getting away from getting punished, but still her conscience didn't agree.
"I'm still not happy about what we did" Amy said. "Do you think we were good?"
"I guess not" Joe said. "But what is done is done. Now we should try to get some sleep. It's Christmas tomorrow!"
Joe turned his face to the wall. Amy sighed again and closed her eyes.

"Joe and Amy!" a deep voice said.
"Mhm" Amy mumbled.
"Wake up."
"Is it morning already?" Amy heard Joe whispering from his bed.
"No, it's not. It's the night before Christmas."
Amy opened her eyes. The voice was not her daddy's, as she had first thought. Fear grew inside her as she slowly sat up in the bed. But as she did, her mouth fell open of chock. By the door a figure was standing. A big figure with red clothes and big beard. Joe sat up as well.
"Daddy? Is that you? Why are you Santa in the middle of the night?"
"It's not daddy, I'm afraid" the figure said.
"Who... who are you then... and why are you here?"
"You know who I am."
"We are too old to believe in Santa" Joe said. "DADDY!" he then yelled.
"Daddy won't hear you" the figure said.
"Wh... what did you do to them?" Amy whispered. All her worst nightmares seemed to have come true.
"They are fine, just fine" the figure said. "You can go and check if you want."
Amy didn't hesitate, she went up from the bed and ran past the big man and over to her parents bedroom. She opened the door. Both of them were there in their beds.
"Mom! Dad!" she called, and tried to get in. But something stopped her.
"What's the matter?" Joe asked. He had came up next to her. "Why can't we go in?"
"Because I put a spell there to prevent them from hearing anything."
Amy turned around and faced the man.
"Wh... what are you?"
"It would be more polite to ask who I am, although I think you already know."
"Are you really Santa for real?" Joe asked.
"I am. Just look out through your window."
Amy and Joe went into their room again. Joe opened the curtain and both of them peeked out. There, right outside, a bit up in the air was a sleigh... with eight raindeers in front. They were all kind of floating in the air...
Amy felt so chocked and surprised she almost thought she would faint.
"O my gosh, Joe" she whispered. "It's him... for real!"
"I guess" Joe said. "Or a really good magician."
"I have no other ways of proving that my words are true" Santa said. "So it's up to you to believe or not."
Santa entered the room and sat down on Joe's bed.
"Tell me, my young lady and man, do you want any Christmas gifts this year?"

Amy and Joe was sitting on Amy's bed, opposite Santa. Amy felt like if this was a big, strange and surreal dream. Joe seemed to take it more calmly, he talked politly to Santa while Amy barely managed to say anything at all.
Santa asked both of them what they wished most for Christmas, and Joe answered for both of them.
"And do you think you have earned it?" Santa asked.
"Yes, I hope so" Joe said.
Amy hesitated.
"You don't agree, Amy?" Santa asked.
"N...no, not really" she whispered.
"Because of two things, right? The lego thing and the incident at your Aunt's house?"
Although it made her even more chocked, now finally Amy really belived this was the real Santa. No one else could know this things. Joe seemed to have come to the same conclusion.
Santa looked at both of them with a serious face.
"Every year, my young friends, I do visits to many millions of children around the world. Many of them I just pass. But some of them I have to have a talk to, like I have with you two today. The fact is, those two big misbehaviours of yours makes you unworthy to get any gifts. Do you know why?"
"B... because they were really bad?"
"Yes and no" Santa said. "Everyone does bad things sometimes. But the problem here is that you got away with those things, and that is not fair and right. So I am here tonight to punish both of you for your deeds and thus make you worthy of getting what you wished for."
"But... isn't it the parents who but the christmas gifts?" Joe asked.
"Yes and no. But it doesn't matter. What matter is that if you two don't get punished, you won't get any christmas gifts. Trust me on that one."
"And... how should you get us punished for that? Are you going to tell our parents?" Joe asked.
"No, I am going to give both of you the punishment you deserve" Santa said.
Amy swallowed. Joe looked quite scared as well, but he kept his voice neutral as he asked: "And how are you going to punish us?"
Santa looked at both of them for a while. "With the only fair punishment for naughty children; Good and hard spankings on your bare bottoms."
Amy gasped. Was this for real? Was this happening?
"Let's get this over with" Santa said.

Amy felt very scared as Santa grabbed her brother's arms and pulled him close. She tried to get up from the bed but was unable.
"Let me go!" Joe said.
"Oh no, young man" Santa said. "Not until you got properly punished. And mark my words: you have been in need of this for quite some time."
Amy tried to get up again, but something held her down. Thus, she had no choice but to watch the strange scene in front of her.
Joe struggled to get away, but he had no chance. Insted, Santa pulled his pajama pants down to his knees, making his bottom naked. Still in chock Amy watched as her brother was lifted up and placed over Santa's lap... and started getting a spanking from the big, red-coated man.
It was a most strange scene to watch. They had got spanked before, yes. But that was quite some time ago. And that had been by mom or dad... and neither mom nor dad had spanked this long and hard. Because Santa didn't stop. He just kept on spanking, hard. Joe burst out into tears. Amy noticed that his bottom was turning all pink. Her brother kicked and tried to get away, but he had no chance. He was just there, helpless, over Santa's lap.

It felt like the spanking went on forever. When it eventually stopped, Joe's bottom was dark pink and he was howling. He had kicked his legs so much his pajama pants were lying on the floor. When Santa stood him up, his legs were unsteady. "There, there" Santa said. "Now sit on that bed while I deal with your sister."
Amy tried to swallow, but her mouth was too dry. Her heart beat so hard her chest hurt.
"Come over here, Amy" Santa said.
Amy had no choice but to obey... she knew she had no chance of getting away from this. She quickly met her brother's eyes as they passed eachother.
"Time for you to get properly punished for your misdeeds" Santa said as she reached him. And without hesitation he put his big hands in the waistband of her pajama pants and pulled them down. She felt embarassed at her sudden nudity and tried to cover herself. Santa didn't waste any time, though, but put her over his big lap. She felt very vunerable and small, laying there. She had never felt so small, actually. She barely reached out over Santa's lap with her feet and arms.
She got no more time to reflect over this situation, though, because after just a few seconds Amy felt a big hand slapping her bare buttocks. Gosh... this stung. It stung much more than any other spanking she had got in her life. After just a couple of smacks it felt like her whole bottom was burning. She kicked her legs. She tried to cover her bottom with her hands, but Santa took a hold of both of them with his hand. He pushed them towards her back and thus also held her down while he unmercingly kept spanking her poor bum.
Amy couldn't help the tears to flood down her cheeks. She couldn't help but to wail hard and beg for mercy. But none came. Her bottom just got more and more sore. She started doubting if she would even survive this.

She found herself standing next to Santa. Her body was trembling. Her bottom was burning like fire. She noticed that Joe was standing next to her, like her still naked from waist down.
"Now, young fellows" Santa said "You have finally been punished. Thus, I can forgive you your misdeeds and you can move on. On top of that, you have now earned your Christmas gifts."
"Th... thank you" Amy found herself saying.
"You are welcome, young Amy" Santa said. "Remember, both of you: Keeping sins and bad behaviour for yourself is not a good thing. It will cause angst and might even result in even more bad behaviour. If you do bad things without getting caught, you should still admit it to your parents. It takes a lot of courage to do so, but it's the only right thing to do. Do you understand?"
Amy and Joe nodded.
"Very well" Santa said. "Go to sleep now."
The big man stood up and started walking towards the door. When he reached there he turned around and said: "Merry Christmas."
Then he left.

Joe started putting on his pants, but stopped as they reached up his bottom. "Auch" he said. "It hurts too much..."
"Come, let's see if he leaves on the sleigh" Amy said and went over to the window.
She peeked out. Joe came and stood next to her.
It was a bit misty outside now, but they could both see the sleigh and the raindeers... and Santa appearing inside the sleigh. A few seconds later they were gone.
"Wow" Joe said and turned around. "I didn't expect that to happen."
"This must be a dream..." Amy said. "A strange dream."
"I tried pinching myself at least ten times... and I didn't wake. And the pain... in the bum... it's to hard to be a dream, don't you think?"
Amy carefully rubbed her sore buttocks. "I guess..."
"And you know what" Joe said. "You were right. It wouldn't have been fair to get the Christmas gifts. Not after what we did, without getting punished for it."
"So you changed your mind?" Amy asked.
"Santa was right" Joe said. "It's not good to just do bad things and keep them for yourself."
"No... I know."
"Your bum is all pink" Joe said. "Is mine too?"
"Dark pink" Amy replied.
Joe shook his head. "This is crazy."
"Yes... but fair" Amy said.
Joe nodded.
The two of them kept standing there next to eachother, looking out through the window. If someone had come inside the room at that point, they would have seen the strange sight of two nine-year-olds, naked from waist down and with pink bottoms. Both of them were looking out through the window. Perhaps they were hoping too se another glimse of Santa. Or perhaps they were just trying to understand what had happened to them. Amy didn't know. But she now knew a few thing: Santa was real. Christmas was magic. Bad behaviour shouldn't go unpunished. And Santa giving a long spanking on the bare bottom HURT.