My another one-shot. Enjoy

It was 10 PM right now. And as for Collin, he was watching the TV as usual. Suddenly, someone knocked the door.

"Who's that?" Collin asked.

He then walked to the door and opened it.

Strangely, when he opened the door, no one wasn't there.

"That was weird" he said while looking at the lawn suspiciously. He then closed the door resuming watching the TV.

After 20 minutes, the door then knocked again.

"Oh, shit" he said, clenching his fists.

Feeling upset, he then walked to the door and opened it. But, same thing had happened. Nobody wasn't there.

"If you dare to prank me again then I will beat you until no one had recognized your face! " he shouted. He then closed the door again and resumed watching the TV.

After another 20 minutes, the door was knocked again.

"Okay, you're really making me angry" he said angrily, banged his right hand on the coffee table.

He then furiously walked to the door and opened it. Yeah, as usual, nobody wasn't there.

Feeling upset, he then furiously closed the door.

He then spoked "Okay, if that person knocked again, I will beat that person to death" He then closed the TV and grabbed a baseball bat. He then standing next to the door, preparing to strike at the person.

After about 10 minutes. The door knocked again. "Okay, I have no other choice than beat you to death" Finally, without wasting his time, he then opened the door and started to strike. "Hyaaaah! "

"Wait! Collin! it's me! Mr. Frankins! Your neighbor! " a middle aged man said nervously.

He then stopped and said "Mr. Frankins?"

Mr. Frankins said "I'm so sorry Collin, I'm sure that you are also upset by that mysterious door knocker"

Collin asked, shocked "That person also messed up with you? "

Mr. Frankins replied "Yeah"

Collin was shocked. Not just his house, but his neighbor's house was also targeted by that person.

The End

Author's notes:This mysterious knocker will explained later at upcoming one-shots. Bye!