I don't think about the people who don't think too far ahead,
The thought of that ever existing, fills my mind with too much dread,
But my peers, they don't just care about their looks, they're too obsessed!
Scared to death that they would show up someday late and over dressed,
Or even worse! Girls that often hide their faces in their purse!
And the things that had been a blessing have now turned into a curse!
Like when the magazine's cover barks: "you must contour your chin!"
Then "Fork back, knife in, you're perfect if you're skinny thin"
And if you aren't that's too bad, the whole world listens to us,
We tell them things that they must do, like 'smile a lot and take the bus',
Only if it's yellow though, you don't want to choose that too,
You don't know the other colors, or what the hell is best for you,
So the bus stops somewhere dark, someone cries and then you hear:
"Last stop folks, now we're done, I think the rules were pretty clear."
You get curious, you walk out, I tug your sleeve you pull away,
I stay in, take thirty breaths, leave you there and drive away.