Ah, welcome back! You've been enjoying Claude's tale, I presume? Don't believe a word he says - unlike the true and faithful record I supply, his outrageous yarns are at least half superstition, if not more so. I suppose he would get along well with the Athenians. I apologize for not having warned you in advance, but I was very busy trying to remember that etching -

Yes! That etching! I remember it now! It had been made directly into the wall, behind the radio apparatus. It was a map of the United States, astonishingly accurate given that it had been made by an engraver rather than by a cartographer (the slight chance that it was carved by a person who was both notwithstanding). On this map, besides the borders of the states and most of the country's major rivers, there were marked eleven signs which looked like circles, each with a dot in the center. Based on my extensive knowledge of this country's geography, I was able to identify ten of them as being placed at the locations of these cities: Boston (of course), New York City, Baltimore, Miami, New Orleans, San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Eureka, and Seattle. The eleventh, however, was located somewhere in the desolate wastes of western Utah.

Now that that's taken care of, I believe I was recounting the events that occurred at the "club party" on Dexter Drumlin.

(To be continued...)