Queenie's New Year Surprise

Tammy was sitting in the high school cafeteria eating lunch with her longtime pal Lonnie.

"So, did you sign up yet?" Lonnie asked.

"Sign up for what?" Tammy asked, pretending she had forgotten what Lonnie had been bugging her about for weeks.

"Come on," her friend groaned. "You know what for! Booster Day Queen!"

"We've already been through this a thousand times, Lonnie," Tammy groaned, rolling her eyes.

"Listen, if you won't do it for me or yourself, do it for your grandmother!" Lonnie said.

"My grandmother?" Tammy frowned.

"She's the one who cared for you all these years," Lonnie reminded her. "Raising you into beautiful girl t you are today! That's why she calls you Princess all the time!" Lonnie laughed. "She's very proud of you, you know."

"Of course I know!"

"She can't stop telling people how smart you are, the star of the class, beloved by your teachers."

"That doesn't make me Booster Day Queen material," Tammy replied, rolling her eyes.

"Come on, you're pretty enough," Lonnie told her.

"Enough?" She dead panned sarcastically.

"You know what I mean," Lonnie blushed.

"No I'm not," Tammy sighed.

"Of course you are," Lonnie insisted.

"Why are you making such a big deal about this?" Tammy wanted to know as they ate their lunch.

"Its senior year," Lonnie shrugged. "Last chance for meaningful moments."

"Everybody knows it's Iris' turn," Tammy reminded him. "That's why they didn't vote her in as Lady in Waiting or Princess. They're saving her to be Queen. She'll win hands down."

"The elite might believe that, but trust me the rest of the class doesn't want to see her win after the way she's been acting the last few years," Lonnie said. "She's an egotistical stuck up bitch!"

"That's not very nice, Lonnie."

"It would be the best revenge ever to deny her the crown," Lonnie grinned. "Everybody likes you. You deserve to win. You'd represent the class and school so much better than she does."

"Iris doesn't think I'm worthy to stand in her shadow," Tammy argued. "I'm just some nobody girl who lives with her grandmother."

"That's exactly why you should run," Lonnie rebutted. "Iris walks around with her nose in the air as if she's better than you."

"She is better than me," Tammy noted.

"Of course she isn't," Lonnie insisted.

"Well, she thinks she is!" Tammy laughed. "She thinks she already won."

"That's because she's so full of herself," Lonnie complained as they continued to eat.

"Uh-oh," Tammy said, lifting her eyes from her food tray.

"What?" Lonnie frowned.

"Speak of the devil," Tammy replied quietly.

Lonnie looked up to see Iris and her posse approaching their table. Iris was beautiful in an unrealistic Barbie Doll way – bleached blond hair, too much make up, excessive jewelry, top line wardrobe choices. She was as phony as her personality!

"Hello, Tammy," Iris said with fake politeness.

"Hi," Tammy said cheerfully.

"I heard you're entering the Booster Day Queen competition?" Iris stated.

Tammy made an annoyed face at Lonnie. "I haven't yet," she said.

"Good," Iris replied smugly.

"What's the matter?" Lonnie wanted to know. "Afraid of a little honest competition?

"I wasn't talking to you, Loopy," Iris snarled.

"You're not the only pretty girl at this school," Lonnie replied, undeterred.

"Nobody's listening to you, Loopy," Iris snarked.

"I am," Tammy said bravely.

"You are?" Lonnie asked with surprise.

"What!?" Iris frowned. "You're actually going to put your name in?"

Iris' posse laughed at the very idea.

"Maybe," Tammy shrugged.

"Oh my God," Iris said, laughing too. "That's funny. Really funny. Okay, whatever you say, Tams."

"Just don't say we didn't warn you," Lonnie threatened.

Iris stepped closer to the table and leaned in close to Tammy's face. "If you think you can take my crown, go ahead and try," she said aggressively. "I'm not intimidated by you."

There was such hatred in Iris's eyes that Tammy cringed.

"You'd be better off focusing on your books," Iris said, knocking one of them off the table before she turned and strutted off with her friends.

"Boy, she really is an arrogant twat, isn't she?" Tammy realized.

"That's what I've been saying," Lonnie said as he picke dup the book for her, eyeing his friend hopefully. "So, you'll do it?"

"Humiliate myself losing to her, you mean?" Tammy asked, rolling her eyes. "Sure, I'll do it."