I stare off at you,
The way your body curves and entices me,
Your beautiful smile that melts my heart,
Your ripped muscles tempting me.

But I know that I can't ever compare to her.
The blond goddess that you loved,
Lips as red as roses,
Glances of affection that would make Aphrodite jealous.
I know I can never be yours.

I know I will never feel your warm body press against mine,
The sweet nothings that would make me elated,
I know that I can't have.

You are straight.
I'm just your closeted gay best friend.
But every time, you come when she breaks your heart,
I softly pray…

Let this time be the one.

It never is.
It will always only be in my dreams.
Oh, I wish it wasn't.

Maybe one day I will tell you how I feel.
Maybe I won't be such a coward.

I will tell you today.

As I lay here and bleed from the wounds you inflicted on my truth,
I cry.
You never cared for me that way.
You never will.
You would rather see me die.
As I draw this last breath, I whisper softly…

In another world, you could be mine….