A/N: Not much to say about this little one-shot...just written to vent. Had a really rough week mentally. Nuff said. (slightly reworked as it turned out to be in second person, which isn't allowed)

Depart From Me

Summary: The one thing I was afraid of was losing you...


It was supposed to be sunny and clear today.

And yet, as I stood outside with her, rain was falling over our heads. How fitting.

Fitting, as she told me that she was being married off to someone else. Someone who wouldn't treat her the way a man should treat a woman, with honor and respect.

Someone who didn't really love her for who she was, but rather as a thing to be used and thrown away when they were bored of her.

It hurt me, more than anything, when those words escaped the sobs of her throat. "We can't be together anymore."

It hurt me to realize that the love of my life was truly lost, all because of her father having a hatred of my race; that she was lost because he never valued her as a daughter, but rather as someone he could manipulate and crush their dreams.

The one thing I was afraid of was losing her. And that fear became reality.

She just departed from me. Ruined it all for me...

A/N: Again, slightly reworked to fit first person instead of second. Hope it's better with these tweaks.