This is the sequel to "The Mysterious Knocker" story.

It was 7 AM in the morning. A young man was seen coming out from his house. He was wearing a white polo shirt and blue jeans with a blue cap.

"Good morning, Collin" a middle-aged man smiled to him. He was seen washing his new Volkswagen car.

"Good morning, Mr. Frankins" Collin replied.

"Going to work, lad?" Mr. Frankins asked.

"Yeah" Collin said slowly while walked to his car. "Did you are not working today? " he asked.

"No, I am now on leave without pay " Mr. Frankins said, his hand was holding a black bucket.

"Looks like that mysterious knocker bastard had messed up with our neighborhood, right? " Collin asked. His mind are still thinking about that mysterious knocker.

"Yeah. First it was our houses. Then it spreading to other people's house" Mr. Frankins said sarcastically.

"I really don't understand about that person. Why that person likes to knock other people without reason?" Collin asked, curious about the knocker's motives.

"Maybe that person had a mental illness " Mr. Frankins chuckled.

"I guess so" Collin said. A smile was formed at his face.

Collin then entered his car and drived away to work.

(At a cafe)

Collin was reading a New York Times newspaper at the counter, waiting for his coffee. Being a Uber driver making him really tired.

"Your expresso coffee, sir" a female worker said, gave him a cup of expresso coffee.

Collin said while reading his newspaper "Thanks" He then take a sip of his coffee.

"Have you heard about the mysterious knocker? " Collin heard a young man talking to his female friend. They are sitting at a table near the counter.

"Yeah. I'm still don't understand about that person motives" the young woman said, holding a cup.

Feeling curious, Collin turned to them and asked "Did you say the mysterious knocker? "

The young man said "Yeah. Why?"

Collin said with an unpleasant face "If you want to know, that person already messed with me. And my neighbor"

They shocked. The young man then asked "What's your name, mister? "

Collin said "My name is Collin"

The young man said "Well, my name is Fred and this is Jessica, my colleague. We worked at Mr. Boy'z Pizza"

Collin asked "Did that person managed to knocked your house's door? "

"No" They said in unison. "But my cousin's house had been targeted by that person" Jessica replied. Collin then nodded.

The female worker then interrupted "Actually, I have heard some rumors about that person "

Collin and 2 others shocked. "Rumors? " Collin said. His mood then started to changed.

The female worker explained "Yeah. According to my friends, that person was actually a serial killer. That person was send to an asylum but somehow escaped. Before that person killed someone, the door will knocked multiple times. But when someone opened the door, no one was there"

Collin asked curiously "So you want to say that person will kill everyone in my neighborhood? "

The female worker then replied "I'm just hope that the rumor was false"

Collinn then started feeling uneasy. Hearing what the female worker said making him really worried.


Collin just arrived at his house. He then walked from his car and taking a seat at the front stair.

"Oh God, I'm feeling tired today" he murmured while opened a drinking can.

After he finished his drink, he then proceeded to enter his house, only to noticed that Mr. Frankins's house was opened. He then felt that something was wrong.

He said curiously "Why Mr. Frankins left his house's door opened? "

He then walked to Mr. Frankins's house slowly. After he entered the house,

"Oh my God " he was terrified about what he seems.

Mr. Frankins's head was hanging from the ceiling fan.

The End.

Author's notes : Who wants to say that the mysterious knocker killed Mr. Frankins? What? No one? Well, no need to worry about that. Someday, Collin will find the truth about the mysterious knocker. Just not now. Bye!