Oh! Looks like another one-shot.

A man was driving his car. Next to him was a woman. It was 12 PM right now.

"Cepheus? " she glanced at her husband.

"Si, Cass?" he asked

"How many kilometers left before we reach the border? " she asked

"Entro 30 chilometri, forse" he replied.

"Quando arrivammo a Vaduz, possiamo visitare il mio amico? My friend just give birth and I want to give some gifts to her" she said.

"Sicuro, Cass" he nodded.

Suddenly, there was something very speeding in front of Cepheus's car. Fortunately, Cepheus managed to brake. That thing looked like a white wolf.

She asked "É un lupo?"

He replied "Non lo so" He then resumed driving.

After 5 minutes of silence, she asked "Cepheus, did you agree if I said that thing was a werewolf ?"

He replied "Può essere"


A white wolf was walking to a house. The wolf then changing it's shape to a man. He then walked to the door. The door then opened.

"Eodiganeungeoya?" a woman asked, looking worried about the man.

"Jamkkanman geol-eoga" the man replied.

"Wala" the woman said. The man then entered the house.

The End

Author's notes : Cass was right. That thing was a werewolf. About that werewolf and the woman, I will explained it later. Bye!

Translation notes (Italian, Korean)

Si : Yes

Entro 30 chilometri, forse : Within 30 kilometers, maybe

Quando arrivammo a Vaduz, possiamo visitare il mio amico : When we arrived at Vaduz, can we visit my friend

Sicuro : Sure

É un lupo : Is that a wolf

Non lo so : I don't think so

Può essere : Maybe

Eodiganeungeoya : Where are you going

Jamkkanman geol-eoga : Just going for a minute walk

Wala : Come on