What are memes?

Are they parodies of topics that are relevant at the time?

Are they a spoof of jokes that dominated since the earliest days of man?

Could it even be that they are just random, unabridged thoughts that people share across the Internet to feel accomplished in gaining a response from someone?

The answer is yes. To all three of those questions and more.

Memes are a humans deepest, darkest thoughts brought to manifestation. But they are also light-hearted and wholesome.

Memes are crude and offensive, bringing out the rage in those who believe themselves politically and socially correct. But they are also contextual jokes, that need to be understood beforehand in order to find any real humour in it.

Memes are dumb images and texts that have no real meaning, and can be ignored with no real consequence. But they are also knowledge, gateways into another person's mindscape to show what they believe humour truly is.

Memes are powerless, yet they are they the strongest force in existence.

Memes are shrouded in darkness, but they offer a light to those who seek it.

Memes are praised and worshipped by certain people, and those same people disregard them like they are nothing of true worth.

Like it, or not, memes are a driving force of the human race.

They can never die, as the laws of energy tell us.

"Energy cannot be created or destroyed. Only transferred, manipulated, or guided."

Memes were never born, they were simply noticed.

And now I ask you, dear reader...

What are memes?