Opening the door to his classroom, he did a once over on the seats available. There was either on seat in the very front, next to the teacher's desk, or two in the far back, next to the window.

He immediately headed to the seat closest to the window, not looking at anyone. As soon as he sat down, however, he was approached by a girl.

"Name's Karma. You're in my seat." she said, flipping her bright blue hair over her shoulder.

"I don't see your name on it." he countered.

"Really?" she pointed to something small engraved on the top left corner of the desk. "Then, what does that say?"

"Karma Ink-Hart," he read aloud.


"Well, I'm still not moving." he said.

"I never asked you to." she replied smugly.

"Well, ok then!" he spluttered loudly.

She sat down in the empty chair next to him just as the teacher walked through the door.

"Good morning, class! We have a new student tod-" here he paused, seeming to take a double take, "Holy sweet mother of Jesus, what are you doing in Karma's seat?!"

"Me, me?" the boy stuttered.

"It's ok, teach. I talked it over with him. He's allowed to sit there." Karma said coolly, resting her hand on his shoulder. "I was just telling- what was your name again?-Sa'id here that I would let him sit there if he had lunches at my table, isn't that right, Sa'id?"

"Wha- I mean, yeah, sure, totally. That's exactly what we'd agreed on." he said, wincing in pain at the sudden inclination of pressure on his shoulder.

"You can go back to teaching, Teach. That's what you're getting paid for, isn't it?" she smiled cheerily, releasing his shoulder.