Sir Joshua

By: DorkyPop 5228

Sir Joshua was a noble knight

He would always fight with might

But even if he's so old

He's got a heart of gold, or so I'm told

His heart was set on Paige, a young girl

She was the eldest daughter of the Earl

She won his heart, but she was lost

He had to save her, at any cost.

So he left on a night so cold

Because the maiden was his most treasured gold

And while on a bed of rocks he lay

"I WILL find her!" he would say

One day, he lost his sword

So he asked for help from a good lord

"'Tis just the first test," said Lord Thein

"Because your next test is to walk in the rain."

He was so close, yet so far

He had to look for a shimmering star

So it took him ages

Because the gods trapped him in a million cages.

Finally, he met Nagua, Lord of Beasts

He had to kill him, at the very least

Nagua let out a fiery breath

It meant he called the king of death.

Joshua reached into his bag

And took out a filthy rag

Contained in the rag was a new sword

Given to him by Thein, the lord

He struck the monster with a great blow

So it fell into a fearsome inferno

He rescued the maiden from the cage

"How do I thank you?" said Paige.

The earl was happy at the return of Paige

He was full of joy and not rage

And so Joshua and Paige were married

And that is the story I have carried.