As Liliana walked down the busy street, book and hot chocolate in hand, she let her mind wander.
Page after page, street after street, carefully swerving around passerby, careful not to bump into any of them.

She turned a corner out of the crowds, down a paved path-out of the commotion and chaos
that were malls at Christmastime-and started heading towards her apartment.

As she was nearing the end of her chapter, what she barely saw out of the corner of her eye,
was a figure running straight towards her. She didn't have time to stop and the figure smashed straight into her.

Lily was knocked off her feet and sent crashing into the cold snowy concrete. Very graceful, Lil, she thought.
As she went to sit up, she gently rubbed the spot on the back of her head where it had made contact with the hard ground.

Before she could, however, her forehead rammed into something hard. "Hey, would you just stay still
so I can get off of you...jeez," a smooth voice exclaimed.

Lily opened her eyes to find a guy, probably not much older than her, completely on top of her.
"Would you get the hell off!" she yelled, shoving the man off of her. "Watch where you're going."

"Ow, what the hell, you were the one who wasn't looking, you should have moved out of the way!" he yelled back, standing up.
"And you didn't have to go shoving me off, I was trying to get up, and I would have, if you hadn't tried to get up first!

"Bad enough you make me crash into you, but you totally trashed my new phone!" He was obviously pissed.
However, so was she. Still sitting on the ground, Lily looked back at the man with fire in her eyes.

"Look, dude," she said, helping herself up. "I was enjoying my day just fine until you came along,
you shouldn't be running around like a maniac, then blame other people when you inevitably crash.

"IF you hadn't been running in the first place, this wouldn't have happened.
I was enjoying my hot chocolate and my new book," she said, waving her arms, with slight disdain and emphasis,

"But, no, you have to get hot chocolate all over my nice winter coat and
my new WHITE SHIRT, AND you have the audacity to blame me for not paying attention to you doing
stupid shit that you SHOULDN'T HAVE been doing IN THE FIRST PLACE?!" she screamed.

She was not having it. Any of it.

"NO! I was only trying to read my book and drink my hot chocolate!" Then she realized something, where was her book?
She frantically began looking around.

Finally she saw it. Her book was soaked in hot chocolate, the pristine pages now barely even legible.

Lily felt her anger boiling up inside of her. She shoved the ruined book in his face. "Look what you did!"
She let her arm fall from in front of his face, meaning in no such way that she had calmed down.

"You mother fucking piece of shit!" she yelled. She was pacing, now; barely even able to control her anger.

There was no one around, but she didn't care anyways. This ass just ruined her coat,
her white shirt, her book, her hot chocolate, and her evening.

She was not letting him off easy.

"All I wanted to do was go home take off my work clothes, burrito myself into a fuzzy blanket, and finish my book!
But no, you have to come along and ruin everything! Ugh, just what is your deal! Why were you running anyways?!" she asked.

"Well, I, uh, was late for work, you see, and I, um," he stammered.
His cheeks were bright red as he fumbled nervously with a restless hand in his dark brown hair,
rocking uncomfortably back-and-forth on his heels.

Maybe I went a bit too hard on him, it was an accident, after all... she thought.

Lily let out a deep sigh. "Whatever, man, just get to work, you're probably late enough as it is," she said, waving him off.
She picked up her soaking wet book out of the hot chocolate-y snow.

"Damn, stupid freakin' hot chocolate. I was really looking forward to this book.
Just when it was getting good, too...," she muttered what she thought was to herself.

"Um, so, what book were you reading?" he asked, obviously still a little bit more than embarrassed.

"What? Oh, um, Guinevere and Lancelot... if you really.. wanted to know so badly," she mumbled and turned away.

"Merry Christmas, or whatever...!" she shouted back, a slight smile on her face.
She gathered her things and continued home.

Today was just one interesting day, wasn't it?

As he watched her walk away, Alex found himself smiling. Her royal blue hair and deep hazel eyes made her hard to forget.
Even though she was pissed, he didn't expect her to go off like that.

Most people would have just said sorry and moved on, angrily muttering to themselves.
Or they'd just cuss him out storm away, Alex pondered.

But not her, he smiled. His smile fell.

Oh well, though. It's no use thinking about her. She's gone, now.
I'll probably never see her again,
he thought.

"Oh shit," he exclaimed with a sigh. "Dan's gonna be pissed at me."

Alex started to run, but then thought better of it. He didn't want to bump
into someone again and make himself even more late.

When he finally made it to the small coffee shop, his manager was impatiently tapping his feet, arms crossed behind the counter.

"Alex, because of your lateness, I had to cover for you," Dan stated angrily.
"Now I'm late on work I have to do. Get to work, Alex." "Alright, Alright, I'm sorry, man.
I knocked into some girl on the way here and she totally tore into me.

"She was yelling at me for a good ten minutes," I said. "Not good enough, Alex.
You're twenty minutes late," Dan sighed, and with that, he disappeared into the back room office.

Alex quickly tied on his apron and slapped on a smile, getting to work taking orders and pouring coffee.

"Welcome to Thanks A Latte, how may I help you?" Alex asked.

After repeating this question over and over again for hours, it becomes hard to say it with enthusiasm,
but somehow, today was different. Alex couldn't stop thinking about the girl he had knocked off her feet.

I wonder if she's thinking about me. Probably not, Alex pondered. "Hey, buddy! Pay attention!"
A disgruntled customer angrily exclaimed. "Oh, sorry sir," he apologized. What's wrong with me... Alex scolded himself.

Lily unlocked the door to the apartment, careful not to make too much noise.
I guess we're lucky to have a downstairs apartment, she thought.
Less of a chance of angry downstairs neighbors.

She walked in, taking off her shoes and dropping her purse by the front door,
still gently cradling her ruined book. "Hey, Lil. What's up," Ellie said.

"Hey, Ellie, hows my favorite roommate doing," Lily said, plopping herself on the tan couch
beside her friend, plunging her hands into the bowl of popcorn offered to her.

"I call bull on that favorite bit. I think you secretly can't stand the both of us.
However, I'm willing to accept this statement as fact for the time being," Ellie proclaimed, smiling.

"No comment," I replied, shoving a handful of popcorn in my face.

"Mm, salted and buttered," Lily exclaimed with a mouthful of popcorn.

"Ew, chew then talk, dude," Ellie said, scrunching her nose. "Shut up, don't be a bitch," Lily laughed.
"You're the bitch for coming in here and stealing my popcorn, you ashhole!" Ellie giggled, slapping
Lily's hand when she reached into the bowl.

"You offered! Check your facts, Ellie!" Lily said as she stole the bowl out of Ellie's hands,
stuffing as much popcorn into her mouth as she could.

"Hey! Give that back!" Ellie yelled. "Shut up, you'll anger the tenants upstairs!" Lily shushed.
"Also, ashhole? Please tell me you have better comebacks than that," Lily sneered playfully.

"I have to try and keep it PG at work! You're such a bad influence,
I've almost cursed so many times because of you!" Ellie accused.

"Would the two of you shut your stupid little mouths," Sierra scolded.
"Some people are trying to watch Netflix in peace." Sierra snatched the bowl from Lily and threw herself in the couch.

"Great, we're all here. Movie time!" Ellie squealed happily. "Ugh, please not another tear jerker.
I'm still recovering from our last late night movie sesh," Sierra whined.

"For your information, tonight we're watching fantasy, so shut up," Ellie sassed, stealing back the bowl.

"Whatever, I'm going to sleep, you guys just decide what you wanna watch and keep it down," Lily ordered.

"What?!" Ellie whined. "Yeah, what the hell, bitch?!" Sierra shouted.
"Just shut up," Lily sighed and closed the bedroom door.

What's wrong with me? She thought.

She changed into cotton pj's and slid into bed. When she closed her eyes, all she could
think about was the stupid boy with dark brown hair and golden eyes.

"Yeah, stupid," she chuckled, and with that, she drifted off quickly, dreaming about books
and hot coffee when she woke up. She rarely ever fell asleep quickly, but today was just exhausting.

Today, she had too admit, was just too much.