The sun rose high and sunlight filtered through the blinds as he glared at the bottle of whisky at his hand. Since the resurrection he has grown bitter—an old man that had no place in this world. He loathed the day he was reborn. He remembers that day clearly, everyone he knew is dead and he is the last of his universe.

The shrill sound of the telephone ringing pierced his silent and smelly apartment; he scrambled to pick up the phone.

"H-Hello?" He asked, rubbing the bridge of his nose as he feels a headache from his sleep deprived state.

"Burt, it's me Michael. I just called to inform you to not come to work today. You have been fired by the company, don't call back." The phone was hung up on the other line.

He would have felt rage if he wasn't sleep deprived and hung over but right now, he felt nothing.

He went back to the couch and contemplated what to do next.


The sound of gunshots woke him from his stupor. Damn must have fallen asleep, he thought as several more gunshots crackled through the street, people were screaming and helicopters were flying overhead. He turned on the television to see the news.

Seems like a hostage situation, he mused. A grin filled his features as he finally felt he is needed.


"Alright motherfuckers, we will blow this bank up to kingdom come if you don't give us what we want!" A masked man screamed through the phone.

"Don't do anything hasty now, we are working on your dema-" The hostage operator was cut off.

"Bullshit, stop stalling! Every minute we don't get what we want I will kill one hostage," A gunshot rang thorugh the phone followed by several screams. "Starting now!"

Officers were frantic as the situation just got worse.

"I want the snipers out there now!" Grand Captain Corys barked out.

"Sir how about the demands?" a lower ranking officer asked.

"Fuck their demands! We will kill them before they kill the hostages." He said scowling.

"But si—" He was cut off by the Captain

"I will not have you question my authority," His face twisting in a snarl. "Now follow my orders and get the snipers out there!"

As his officers scrambled his radio turned on. Through the radio the watcher spoke to Corys, "Uh... Sir, you might want to see this."

He opened his TechPad and saw all the robbers dead on the ground. Neck broken with their face twisted in horror.

"Get the cleanup crew now; I want to see all the cameras inside the bank to see what just happened."


Buying his lunch he decided to eat it in the park. Today is Valentine 's Day, why people still celebrate it baffles me, he thought as he took a bite in his food.

His head perked up as he hears the faint sound of an object breaking the sound barrier. His eyes go wide as he recognizes what it was. He ducks down, barely dodging the bullet directed at his head. He scans the surrounding area for his attacker as several more shots were fired, his heart pounded in his chest like a hammer as he made a break for it—running for the tree in front of him.

As he hid the shooting stops, the couple in front of him stares at him bewildered before the woman went down from a shot to the head, the man followed afterwards. Time slows down as he sees two innocents dying because of him, rage filled his vision—clenching his fists he decides this ends now.

He peeks from his cover before dodging another shot, The ground behind him exploded in a flurry of earth and dust as the bullet pulverized it.

He breathes in.

He breathes out.

Channeling all the air around himself he exploded in motion running hundreds of times faster than a normal human he jumps from building to building scanning the rooftops until he saw his target.

Lying there was a man garbed in nothing but black, a sniper rifle so absurd it wouldn't function in real life. Though, this isn't real life anymore. He mused.

The man looks at his current position, only a couple hundred meters away from his target. He felt something graze his arm followed by pain as he was shot, another sniper.

His first target now know of his position as he sees the man in black standing up before running towards him, cracking the concrete beneath his feet as he broke the sound barrier.

In a split second he felt dazed as a fist connected onto his jaw knocking him off the roof he was perched upon causing him to land on the back alley. He hit the ground hard, consciousness threatening to leave him as his assassin once again attacked, stomping the location where his head used to be had he not dodged it.

His attacker was immobilized, leg half buried from his previous assault. He grabs a wicked black knife from his opponents pouch and stabbed him in the chest.

"Ahh!" The man in black yelled in pain, blood flowed freely from the imbedded knife.

"Who are you?" He asked the man in black, twisting the knife ever so slightly.

The man in black grunted in pain, "As if I'll answer that Marshall."

His eyes went wide as he recognizes the voice; he releases his grip on the knife as he stepped back. His breathing was labored, but not from the altercation.

"Why?" He asked, lips quivering and his voice filled with sadness.

The man in black lifted his hood, revealing a blue eyed man with a sad expression. "I don't have much time, but watch your back Marshall." He said his final words with a smile as life faded from his eyes.

He grunted awake as he regained conciousness, since the rebirth his mind has been filled with memories that aren't his. He tries to drown it out with booze but it isn't effective.

It has been 2 weeks since he was fired from his constuction job, and exactly 2 weeks after he killed those bank robbers,

He felt his stomach grumble so he took a large sip of booze to quiet it down before heading to the bathroom to get himself cleaned up.

After his shower he decided to go outside and take in some fresh air, before scowling after he remembered the air isn't natural at all and it's only filtered. He sighs, trying to remember his dream earlier.

A knock on the door broke him from his musings.

He opened the door and several Officers were outside of his door, "Are you Burt Howard?" A woman asked.

"Yeah, who's asking?"

"We need you to come with us." She said in a stern voice.


"Come with us or we will take you forcibly and destroy your apartment." Her voice filled with anger.

He decided getting in an altercation with several officers were the last thing he wanted to do. "Alright, take me to your leader." He joked.

She didn't seem pleased as she punched him in the mouth before handcuffing him.

"You are under arrest freak." Another officer said dragging him out the door.