I lost how many times I have 'Awoken'. My mind has been fractured. I have been reliving memories that aren't even mine. The agony continues to split my head open.

I lay in a puddle of sweat, blood and tears before Jolting awake. I hear someone breaking the door open and a flash of blue and red. Someone was asking me questions yet I didn't understand what they were, I wished for death before falling back into a slumber.

I wake up, this time normally. I was in a pristine white room filled with instruments.

A lady was in the room, I didn't recognize her. Wait. Maybe I did. No. Used to.

She spoke to me yet all her words were alien to me. But the grim expression in her face was enough to communicate what she was saying.

I see several more people come in, they were adults but they had smaller people with them. Children. Yes. That is what they are.

They were all crying and talking to me. I try to speak but no words came out.

I raise my hand and see bony and wrinkly appendages fill my vision.

I smile.

My wish was granted.