A siren blasts in my head.

A police siren.

Not loud enough to-

Wake her up.

Awaken the intoxicating burn of vodka in my throat...

It goes off again.

I Go off too.

The siren kicks down my front door,

But still-

Her sanity is gone.

My consciousness left out the back...

Child cries; I forgot who it was.

Child is scared, I am scared...

Who is Child? This Child has a name?

Her Responsibility is drunk

I am flat on the ground

While handcuffs bite my wrists

Like teeth on a dog, or

Like sewing pins in a pillow.


The Siren tells me,

"Find Him."

Child? I don't know who that Child is.

"Find the Brother," The Siren repeats.

You must earn

"You took Brother," I vomit.

The right

"I don't know where you took Brother!"


"How do I find him?"


"Is this a game?"


This is not a regular siren.

This is not a police officer.

"This is a game."