A/N: I had a random idea come to me awhile ago and thought I'd try to make it into an actual story. Before you start reading, this work is going to focus primarily on a f/f relationship, so if you're not into that then I recommend not reading this.

Rating is T for now but may change to M eventually.




I would always stare, and regardless of whether she knew I was staring or not, she would never acknowledge my presence. But she had to know I was there, because I was always there. Always. But so was she, which was odd, considering most normal people do whatever they can to get away from this run down part of town. Yet here she was again, for the fourth day in a row, sitting alone at a booth facing the window, a glass of tea resting in her slender hands. I looked around the small coffee shop, comparing her to the other customers that were seated sparsely around the shop. Most of them looked to be business people or early morning go getter employees, busily drinking their coffee and making a few last minute phone calls before they would probably rush down to the subway to make it to the office on time. A few college age looking kids sat together, reading books or typing away on laptops as I supposed before their early morning classes started. All of these people looked like your average everyday coffee shop customers.

But then there was her. Dressed elegantly in a knee length black dress, with shimmering jewelry on her neck and wrists. She looked so out of place, just sitting there looking like she was about to go meet the queen of England, calmly sipping tea, alone.

I just didn't understand. Usually people like her were surrounded by other, beautiful people, and they almost never came to some partially run down coffee shop near the bad part of town only to sit and have a simple cup of tea that could have been ordered at one of the thousands of starbucks here.

As all of these thoughts were running through my head, it took a few seconds for it to register that she was now openly staring back at me.

I gasped, and quickly ducked out of site. When I thought back on it, I probably did look a little creepy standing outside, staring through the window at all of the people inside. How long had I even been standing here?

"Audrey, is that you?" I jumped, startled at the sudden voice. I looked around before figuring out where the voice was coming from, and gave a sigh of relief. "Oh, hey Nick," I grinned sheepishly, wondering if he had seen me staring at that woman, "Running a little late today aren't we?"

Nick scowled, and I took a moment to look at his disheveled blonde hair and hastily buttoned polo shirt. Probably up late playing video games with his friends again, as was almost always the case with Nick Powel, full time student and part time employee at this coffee shop.

"I'll have you know," he began , as I started to fix the buttons on the front of his shirt, as well as his hair, "I have a big test today in my political science class that I was studying for all night. It's at three, so I won't have any time to study for it after I get off from...wait a second. Why are you even here? Isn't today your day off?"

I spared another glance at the big window of the coffee shop we both worked at, trying to come up with a good reason to be standing here. I figured coming here just to secretly stalk a random woman wouldn't be an acceptable answer. I cleared my throat. "Yeah, well, I uh...needed to pick up my paycheck. From work. Which is why I'm here at work. On my day off."

"Oh..ok then," he looked at me strangely, probably wondering why I looked so nervous all of a sudden, "Well I'm gonna go ahead and go in, seeing as I'm already fifteen minutes late for my shift. I'll see you later, Audrey."

"See you," I waved half heartedly as Nick turned and went through the door. I glanced one last time into the shop, then began walking as fast as I could away from there. I felt the heat from the blush on my cheeks as I walked toward the subway station five blocks from here, thinking back on the last twenty minutes of my morning, and how I'm almost certain that girl had been staring back at me through that entire conversation.

...And I kind of liked it.