Imagine a world where everyone is happy, content.

Imagine a world without suffering,

Without pain,

Without death.

Imagine a world where Pandora never opened her box.

Now imagine that world falling.

Because without pain, there can be no true joy;

Because without suffering, there is no drive to improve;

Because without death, there is no true spark in life.

Because without our demons, we have no angels.

Instead, imagine a free world.

A world where everyone can be their truest self -

Without fear of judgement.

Imagine an equal world.

A world where everyone has equal opportunity -

Regardless of wealth, gender, ethnicity, beauty, sexual orientation, disability, blood.

Imagine a world running on respect.

A world where people can make mistakes and learn from them -

Without fear of failure and humiliation.

Imagine the human race's potential,

If we only lived in a world where we didn't tear each other down.

And instead, we built each other up.

Imagine a world of true freedom, and equality, and respect.

Just... imagine.