Disclaimer #1

I don't know how to write an epic poem.

None of the rhyme schemes, structures or whatever entails such a poem I don't know about it. I'm sorry.

Maybe for the next poem, I will try to tailor it accordingly. For this one though, freedom will have to reign.

Disclaimer #2

I am not Mexican, and as far as I know I am not really a descendant of Aztecs. I do know someone via the internet who claims to be of Mayan ancestry. There's no way for me to prove or disprove this notion for the boy so for purposes, this might be indeed fact. Plenty of Mexicans today are really descendants of Aztecs. I think this is pretty cool. Still, if what I write here offends any legitimate believers in Quetzalcoatl I am sorry. This is not based off of any real legendary myths I have heard in a pizza shop. This is not based off of any ancient texts I have read or the translated version thereof or even an actual Spanish language text on the Quetzalcoatl that I read in my rudimentary knowledge of Spanish from multiple semesters of studying in United States' classrooms between high school and some of college. All of this is based purely on my own imagination and what goes on inside of my head. This cannot be considered legitimate form for canon and thus please disregard the fact that California is now besieged by fire storms, Mexico just had a gigantic earthquake that shook the capital, and other forms of storms have and are even as I type this forming that will cause people to perhaps want to resort to mystical and mythical means of making sense of the universe that we live in which has so much chaos and destruction it is a miracle we all still live and breathe today, us humans that is. So if any Mexican tells you that this all stuff I'm typing here is real... this person might be trying to scam you. I don't know anything about this religion and am just selfishly and unjustly misappropriating Aztec culture to suit my own purposes. Well, okay so I have done research on Aztec practices a bit, but pretty sure this does not count as understanding their culture to the point I can randomly become a seer for them and tell them that their god is being summoned at the moment and will be here any minute once the fire in California stops due to some massive deluge sent from the heavens... or whatever... and I have no idea if there's any legitimate basis for this notion I have that Quetzalcoatl is a phoenix which requires a massive fire to "summon" into existence. In this poem I basically have blended reincarnation, things I read on the Internet about Aztecs and current natural catastrophes happening as of 12/29/2017 and random things I have read in story books about phoenixes into one long poem that attempts to be an epic poem of a sort... Read into that what you will, and take from this what you feel you can.

All our human instruments of measurements are probably faulty anyway. Perhaps nothing proved by science is true, and perhaps nothing that is fact is not in some ways also illusion. Perhaps Quetzalcoatl really exists and is being summoned right this moment as this is being typed and submitted. There is no legitimate way to disprove many things. What can be said for certain, is that this was written after my poem Perfect Fire and is more or less a follow-up poem to that one. At the time I wrote that one, from what I remember California was already starting to have a lot of wild fires and such. Definitely with all that destruction, my inner tribal beasties want to believe that something amazing will come rising out of the ashes. Hopefully soon. As of 12/29/2017... California is still burning. I am Chinese though... so what know I of Quetzalcoatl... it's not like the Aztecs were actually Chinese or something. ... ... unless that Mexican tour guide in Cancun wasn't trying to pull my leg about the last names Lee and Chen being totally Mexican names of ancient origin is true... and this somehow means they ARE ethnically Han. If this gets discovered in a geological dig at some point I would be completely flabbergasted. If it turns out my Mexican friends and I have much more genetic commonalities than originally postulated prior to me publishing this poem on the web... I will buy a pizza from a store that hires Mexicans and eat the pizza.

On that silly note, thanks for reading my poem and if you read everything I just typed as part of the "disclaimers" you are amazing. Please if you actually read all this, write a review and tell me. Considering this website to me is more or less a training implement for my writing skills there is some legitimacy to the desire to know for real if real people actually read this and consider the writing good.

Anyway, enjoy the poem and feel free to tell me what you think.

Quetzalcoatl Rising

Who set the fire
Who shook the earth
Who sent the storms
That buried the world
Wings from the ashes
Rise amidst the roar
Wind is not for sailing
But soaring of the bird

Whisper towards
The downfall
Crash and burn
you hear
In the distance
que sera sera
petals, wing beats, seer

Phoenix of a sort
Of course, of course
god but not God
Oh lord, oh Lord
risen but not Awoken
a course in the force
journey everlasting

RISE amidst the chaos
ORDER for the source
JOURNEY to the skies
SOAR towards the stars

Who sent the fire
Who should calm
the storms
Who should hold
Responsible for

Love is for what
Sacrifice is for
How much more blood
And treasure
Should be
be measure by

To summon up
The Bird
To leave behind
The World
To rectify
The courage
It takes
To swallow whole

For you I rise
Into this world
The phoenix child
For you I burn

These forests down
The bushes
the gardens
The mansions
The fountains
These burdens
Are ashes

The tears, and blood
I find enough
And yet still
I sleep, for what
can awaken

My Beast
For this
I Feast
Is neither blood
Nor treasure

But I love everlasting
Blood everlasting
A sacrifice so complete
For this I wait

At honor's gate
And here
It lies
My soul

No hallowed words
No hallowed grounds
Shall ever truly be
Que sera, sera, sera
Whatever will be
Will be

Amidst the flames
The frozen trees
And the burning

I rise, I rise
O' phoenix child
The egg form
Into a hatchling
And wings I see
In my dreams
Bringing on
The year
The century

This I see
I hear
I believe
We witness as I speak

The era, epoch
and the tides
Of Quetzalcoatl's Rising