Inside a large convention center somewhere in Texas, a NASA committee was now proceeding with their vote of who would be the new NASA astronaut to be sent for Mir, the Moon and the ISS. Leading the commitee was NASA Mission Control and Commander Andy Komodo.

'Everyone, this is the very day that were going to vote who would be the new astronaut for NASA's latest space missions to be taken place within next month. Should we vote for Kalir Kian Kerano or Kyle Reiyan Swizer? For the very position to be bestowed, let's begin the voting.'

Outside, Reiyan was waiting anxiously as he sat on his seat. The time ticks by and when he was about to ponder, his NASA partner Lunaira approached him.


'Hey there, dear.'

'What are you doing in here?'

'The NASA committee was just voting at the main hall. They're voting for who would be assigned for the new NASA space missions.'

Lunaira smiled and she sat down beside him.

'Keep your hopes up, my dear Swizer. The future was now on your very roots.'

'Yeah but Kalir was also my rival candidate, though.'

'Don't worry. With his poor test records, I'm sure you will win the position with ease. That Akita wolf-dog was totally unsuitable to be enlisted.'

She then heard Andy speaking loudly. Lunaira stood up from her seat.

'Excuse me, Reiyan. I'm going to check it out.'

'Alright then.'

The female cat then approached to the hall. As she peers her head in, she overheard the announcement.

'By the voters of the NASA committee throughout the invited representatives of Splena, Furria and Pawraiqua, Kalir Kian Kerano have 14 points while Kyle Reiyan Swizer have 36 points. At this very moment in time, NASA was proud to announce that our new astronaut for the missions was...Reiyan!'

As the applause started, Lunaira went towards Reiyan.

'Dear Reiyan, I heard your name! I told ya now. I told you that you're gonna be NASA's new astronaut!'

The blue female cat embraced Reiyan tightly with a smile on her face. Andy and the others applauded loudly. Some were cheering out for Reiyan. Being swept away by the unexpected victory, Reiyan let out a small smile and he nodded slightly.


Inside his bedroom of the Splenai Castle, Kalir was reading a scroll by the desk. As he continued on reading, Malir interrupted him.

'Crown Prince Kalir, your parents wanted to see you at the throne room.'



'Alright then.'

Kalir places the book on the desk, stood up and followed Malir. After being escorted to the throne room, Kalir could see Rei, Delorion, Acher and Renar standing solemly. His father Emperor Spleriia Splero was sitting on the throne with his wife Rokusena beside him. All of them beared sad faces.

'What's wrong, everyone?'

Splero sighed out, breaking the silence. He then looked at his son.

'Kalir. I'm afraid I got bad news from our representatives in Texas.'

'What is it, Dad?'

The absolute monarch didn't replied right away. After holding back for a tense moment, he told him the truth.

'Son...You were not being enlisted for being the new NASA astronaut. Y-You're being outclassed.'

The truth totally shattered Kalir's world apart. So shattering that he didn't replied back. An intense sense of defeatism overwhelmed him. Everyone around the Akita wolf-dog lowered their heads in solemn apology while Rei knelt down.

'We're so sorry, Kalir. I guess your rival had won against you.'

'I...I know.'

Kalir sighed sadly and he turned around towards the door.

'I'm...I'm going back to my room, everyone. Just call me if there is anything else.'

The speechless entourage remained silent as Kalir left the throne room. When the defeated Akita wolf-dog returned to his room, he locked himself in before he went to the desk and started to sob emotionally by his terrible loss and the realization that his goals to become an astronaut had dismally failed.