Elsewhere, a lot of furries and humans were now celebrating at Kyle Reiyan Swizer's victorious vote. With Lunaira on his side and Andy Komodo on the other, Reiyan poses in front of a crowd numbering on the thousands. The reptilian smiled as he waved at the audience.

'Whoa there, Andy. You looked so hype.'

'I really do, Reiyan. Thanks to you.'

'Really, huh?'

'Yeah. Since you're going to be leading NASA's latest missions along with your partner, I'm so hyped up to see you guys to succeed further.'

Lunaira giggled while Reiyan chuckled at the Komodo dragon's remark.

'Thanks, Andy. We'll do as we promised soon.'

'Indeed. We'll make the missions successful side by side, Reiyan!'

'Of course, my dear Lunaira. I would love to make those missions successfully with you on my side.'

The male cat grinned at the blue-black female feline while Lunaira giggled romantically at him. When he and the other two faced towards the front, photographers were taking pictures at them. The trio smiled widely as they were being photographed and videoed by the media and recorded for the news headlines and the history books. After that, the other NASA superiors and representatives then escorted Reiyan, Lunaira and Andy back to the convention center while the crowds entered inside to witness more from the special entourage.


With a piece of paper on his left paw, Reiyan raised his other clenched paw as he stood in front of a podium facing towards a sea of NASA supporters and other public audiences. Both Andy and Lunaira were standing beside him.

'I, Kyle Reiyan Swizer of Pawraiqua, hereby swear the oath in behalf of NASA, the United States and to the whole world that I would now serve as the newest astronaut to serve NASA and its other agencies for the sake of the world's international industry, transportation and technological links and aspects.'

Reiyan then lowered the piece of paper on the podium.

'May God Almighty bless us all for long.'

With that ending remark, Andy and Lunaira nodded as they applauded him. While the audience applauded and the photographers pictured the male cat, Reiyan smiled and he saluted. Away from the cheering audiences were a few disappointed Splenish and Furrian representatives holding their own knapsacks and briefcases on their hands and paws. While the celebration continued, the representatives slipped away from the very scene. All of them then boarded in onto a convoy of old styled motorized cars and motorcycled sidecars. A male Pawraiquan husky dressed in uniform ran outside and he tried to wave the convoy back.

'Hey! Hey, wait up!'

The husky continued on to yell back at the departing convoy. The motorized cars and motorcycled sidecars continue to drive away towards the busy highways.

'Don't leave here just yet! Kyle Reiyan Swizer and the others would like to discuss on something about Kalir's usefu...'

Before he could finish his sentence, a male Splenish soldier dressed in all-green military uniform covered his maw and he stabbed him by the nape with a karambit. The assassin then removed the bloodied knife away and he concealed the husky's body on the large patch of bushes that were on the corner. He then sighed tensely as he licked the karambit clean and wiped away the excess blood with a piece of cloth before stashing away onto his pocket. The soldier then took his own radio from his hip.

'Alpha Chervon 2-5, I had just eliminated a fucking Pawraiquan who was calling back at our departing representatives with his nuisance sentences. He was trying to convince our representatives that Crown Prince Kalir could still be useful under Reiyan's command but I believe it's too late for him or the others now.'

'Copy. Return back to base ASAP. We don't want you to be caught in there. Out.'

'Roger that. Returning back to base.'

The disgruntled Splenish assassin then left the area like there is nothing happened around. He then boarded a motorcycled sidecar and he departed like routine clockwork.