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The satisfaction of adrenaline sickened me, yet I couldn't help that I was meant for this. Made for this. Or at least the chase. I'd never be ready for murder, no matter how many times they forced me to commit it.

The gory shit was all right. It was my numbness to morality that twisted my gut.

"They're coming up," his voice yelled into my ear, unbearable because of its familiarity. I hated that in the morning, he would just be Dad, and I would love him just like I always had… or thought I had… or did? "Sage!"

"Shut up."

"Don't talk. Just do as you're told." The second part of his message was unnecessary. I was incapable of disobeying so long as the tiny speaker remained lodged in my ear.

Cars sped under the pedestrian bridge as I ran onto it. The nighttime lull of the city would've been beautiful under different circumstances. What I would've gave—

"Jump down in three… two… one…"

I'd already backed up for the run. My legs moved without me, my body once again caught in the usual trance of obeying without consulting my consciousness first. By the time I'd collected my bearings, I was soaring in line with the car. My hood remained loyal as always, though I kept my eyes down nonetheless. The roof shook beneath my feet, the new dent partnered by a thunderous echo.

A man looked out the open passenger window until his gaze caught mine.

"Kill him."

The gun from my belt shot him between the eyes before I registered reaching for it at all.

The car swerved. I jumped over the side and slid into the open window. My feet collided with the unlucky driver's chin. His head cracked the window, and the glass returned the favor.

The driverless car jerked violently, and the passenger's dead body cushioned my near-collision with the side door as we spun out of control.

"Get out," he barked.

For a long moment, I didn't know how. By the time I'd reached behind the dead body to yank on the door handle, the car had started to roll. Only by luck did it spit me out the open door first. I rolled once before catching myself to stare at the crash. As it tumbled, I hoped for its potential deadliness. That said, my prey tended to be particularly hard to kill. Otherwise, I wouldn't've needed to do it.

"You missed your target."

I opened my mouth to snap back, but previous orders kept words from coming out. Instead, I approached the eerily sill, flipped vehicle. The thunderous noise from moments ago hung in the silence like a ghost as my feet crushed remnants of the car littered all around. A car door—the one I had fallen through—laid separate from the brutal wreckage. By comparison, the detached piece looked unscathed.

I stepped up to what remained of the vehicle and hesitated.

"Go on."

I ducked through the hole where a door used to be. Despite my strongest hopes, one man still remained. His horridly familiar face perfectly resembled the one I was tasked to eliminate.

He breathed so heavily he wheezed, mostly crushed by various parts of the car. His bright blue eyes shone with wild life. They widened at the sight of me. "Please."

I turned my chin up, and for a brief second, I was able to convince myself that the black view of my eyelids was just a starless sky. For a moment I felt alone. Perfectly lost. Blissfully unaware.

"Kill. Him."

I had to open my eyes, tears finally surfaced.

My finger pulled the trigger before I allowed it to.