I don't know what to do for you
I can't do much
I can't make the voices stop
I can't make you see yourself the way I see you
I can't make you eat anything
I can't automatically get you to go to sleep
I can't tell you how things went wrong
Or how to make them better

I can't turn the sun off
And I can't get rid of all the terrible people for you
But we can stay in this room
Anything you need outside
I'll get it for you

I know sometimes the voices get too loud
And I can't quieten them
But what I can do is stay right here
Until you tell me to leave
I'm here for you

We can talk all night
We could not say anything all day
I can sit right next to you
Or I can be across the room from you

We can play some co-op games
We could listen to music
Watch a TV show, a movie you really love
You could punch me if it makes you feel better
Just... not too hard, and not in the face

We can do anything you want
As long as you need me
I am here for you
In whatever way it is you need me to be
I'm not going anywhere

I'll call off work
I'll tell my other friends I'm not going out
I'll bring over some anime
My laptop, some board games
I'll bring all the entertainment
Or I can just sit and talk to you about anything you want
It doesn't matter what we're doing

Just, as long as you feel this way
I will be right here for you until you feel better
Whether I'm physically here or not
I -AM- here for you
These aren't just words
They are a promise
Anything you need
To know that
You are NOT