Ready to read my new scary story? Then read it!

It was 2 AM right now. A security guard was patrolling in a hospital as usual. Suddenly, he heard someone running in the hallway. But, no one was there.

"That was weird" the guard said. He then resumed patrolling.

About 20 minutes later, the guard heard someone running again, but when he checked, it was same as before. No one was there

"Are that person are trying to prank me? Damn! " the guard said. He then resumed patrolling again.

After some 15 minutes, the guard heard again running footsteps, but no one was there, again.

"Okay, you want to play with me, fool? Well, you are actually messing with wrong person" the guard said. He then started walking in the hallway.

When he walked, he noticed that the morgue door was open. He then walked to the morgue.

However, when he entered the morgue, he was terrified with what he seen.

A rotten corpse with a butcher knife was standing in front of him.

Looking terrified, the guard then running away from the morgue. He then hiding behind a wall.

Suddenly, the guard then heard some footsteps. Looks like the footsteps was coming to the guard's direction. Suddenly, a hand then was felt at the guard's shoulder.

"Aaaargh! "

"What's the matter, Bart? " a man with a white coat asked shockedly.

"Oh, Dr. Mankins, why are you here? " Bart asked nervously.

"I heard that someone screaming. It is you? " Dr. Mankins asked.

"Yes. When I was patrolling, I heard that someone running in the hallway but no was there. Then I noticed that morgue door was opened and when I entered the morgue I saw a rotten corpse with a butcher knife at his right hand" He explained.

Dr. Mankins was shocked. "Then let's go to the morgue again" the doctor said.

When they entered to the morgue, it was gone.

The End

Author's notes : About what that Bart saw, it was actually a beginning for something more scarier. MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!