Based on my one-shot "The Mysterious Knocker", here I presents "The Mysterious Knocker Season 2".

It was 2 AM right now and eveybody was sleeping as usual. Including Shiro, a very cute young boy. But don't be fooled, he maybe cute but he actually had a fierce personality, like a lion. When he was sleeping, he heard that something knocked the window. He then looked at the window, but nothing was there.

"That was weird" he mumbled. His eyes are very sleepy right now, forcing him to go to sleep.

After 20 minutes later, the window was knocked again. But, when Shiro looked at the window again, it was same as before. Nothing was there.

"Ugh, I really really don't understand what is exactly you want" he growled, his eyebrow raised with his right hand banged on the bed. He then resumed sleeping again, hoping that he can sleep peacefully.

However, it did not happening. After 20 minutes again, the window was knocked for the third time. Shiro then looked at the window, looking upset. He still saw nothing on the window. He said angrily, his arms crossed on his chest "You're really messed up with me, baka! "

Shiro, feeling upset about that, then walked to the window. He then standing next at the window.

"If you messed up with me again then I will beat you to death" he said angrily, clenching his fists.

After another 10 minutes, the window was knocked again. Finally, without wasting his time he then started to strike. This time, he saw some shadow figure moving swiftly from the window. Quickly he opened the window, only to find nothing at outside. Feeling shocked, he then closed the window.

Suddenly, his bedroom door opened.

"Onii-Chan!" a short-haired girl then running towards him and hugged him. She looked very scared.

"What's the matter, Yuki?" he asked, concerned about his twin sister.

"Someone was knocking my bedroom door, but when I looked at the window, no one was there" she said with a terrified expression.

He then shocked. Not just his bedroom, but his sister's bedroom also been targeted by that person.

"Nii-Chan, can I sleep with you tonight? I'm so scared to sleep alone right now" Yuki said, feeling scared to sleep alone.

"Err...fine" Shiro said. He closed his bedroom door. They then retreated to his bed. Shiro then placed his chin on her hair and protectively hugged her.

"Good night, Yuki"

"Good night, Onii-Chan"

They then resumed sleeping.

The End

Author's notes : Looks like we got another knocker. Well, I will explained about it later. Bye!