State of the World




Tall Tales.

We call many a story by these monikers; mighty tales of heroic warriors who battle the vile villain or beast to rescue a fair maiden, or a heroic quest to save the world from the evilest of evil, or a journey to discover a long lost treasure.

We regard these stories as fiction; fables we tell to entertain, to teach, to share. There are no such things as evil wizards or hidden armies or mighty monsters. They have become myths. But there is one truth most seem to forget:

There is always a hint of truth in stories.

And one such story is indeed very real and very much alive.

But it doesn't exist on Earth, no no no. Instead, it exists far away, and that tale of truth, discovery, war, and friendship is ready to be told, and it all begins with two little kids.

The year is 5791.

Humanity has long since been a space-faring race and had traveled out onto the stars, colonizing a large chunk of the Milky Way and encountering scores of new alien races, most friendly, others… not so much. It was not long until they were invited into the Galactic Community, a galaxy-spanning collective of all the races in the galaxy that governs the galaxy. For thousands of years, it was a interesting period on galactic history with humanity becoming a part of the Community.

… But, unfortunately, nothing lasts forever. The resources of the Milky Way are finite and they are nearing depletion, Earth among them. As a result, in the year 5552, a effort to counter this and give the stricken planets time to restore their natural supply.

Volunteers would leave the Milky Way and travel to distant galaxies to colonize them.

It was called the Extra-Galactic Initiative and it was met with universal approval and acclaim.

In the decade that followed, probes and 'scout' ships were sent to our closest neighbor galaxy, Andromeda, in search of planets capable of supporting life. They sent probes and scouts to other neighbor galaxies, such as the Draco Dwarf, the Large Megellanic Cloud, Messier 32, and Triangulum, to name a few, but Andromeda showed the most promise. Regardless, the races spread out to the other various galaxies, in order to keep their resources spread out over a longer period of time instead of clumping together into one, in order to avoid repeating history.

The mission was a success and colonies were successfully established in the neighboring galaxies. Universal history was being made.

Now we come to present day in the year 5791. The latest colony ship to Messier 32 had just arrived at its target destination: a three planet system orbiting a common yellow star, given the name Altair. The planet in question, a earth-sized world with double rings similar to Saturn's that cross together, already had a outpost and a small, barely noticeable neighborhood established on the surface.

The planet has lush forests that would put the Pacific Northwest to shame, vibrant fields on par with Mongolia, grandeous deserts akin to Australia's, and glistening oceans clearer than anything we had: it was pretty much Earth 2.0: Paradise Edition.

But… there was one oversight the scouts failed to find, mention, and call in. The planet is inhabited. It has natives, and they are unlike anything they have ever seen.

Spread all over the planet and capable of living in every clime lives a powerful race called the Ferid. Ferids are very similar to humans in terms of body size and shape- two legs, two arms, two eyes, a full head of hair, and more private things. But they are not humans exactly, oh no no no. They sport reptilian tails of various sizes and shapes. You may be asking, why do they have reptilian tails? Well, that shall be revealed soon enough.

The Ferids are not the only race that rules this planet. They share that title with a race called the Gaharots. Similar to the UtahRaptors of Earth's ancient past, the Gaharots are more numerous and widespread. But, they are used as cheap labor by the Ferid's and live in run-down shacks and not treated fairly.

Those able to escape the yoke of their masters fled to a mysterious place Ferids have yet to be able to find called Varka, where they are protected by a group of Gaharots called the Janissaries, who seek to abolish this rule of master and servant the ancients have created. There have been run-in's between more violent Ferid tribes and the Janissaries in the past and the tension is reaching a breaking point.

But on one small sub-continent far to the south, far far from the mainland, rests a Ferid tribe that live side-by-side with their Gaharot cousins.

On the planet's southern hemisphere, on the smallest sub-continent, stretches a vast, green, lush, and spectacular forest. Its sea of green leaves stretched for miles upon miles upon miles, ending at oceans or the northern desert. Stretching up from this sea of green was several mighty mesa's that stretched up for miles. The smallest one was the same height as Mt. Saint Helens, whereas the largest is Everest sized.

But on one small continent in the southern hemisphere, far away from the mainland, things are more lenient On one such mesa, as tall as Kilimanjaro, nestled in a large U-shaped outcropping that stretched out, rests a village. This village of wooden huts, outstretched bridges that stopped and didn't connect, fire pits, and cloth covers is home to one such Ferid tribe called the Misken.

The Misken Tribe lives close to nature and are at one with it. They take what they need and they give back what they can. They never waste and live in harmony with the animals they live beside. To give them a Earth-race comparison, most of the Ferid tribes are like medieval Europe- oppressing and controlling whatever they can, while the Misken tribe are like the Native Americans, with how close they live to nature.

And it is this tribe that shall change their course of their world.

From the natives and the approaching colonists shall come two children that will shake the course of this planet, if not the whole universe, forever. Two civilizations shall be brought together in a unexpected way and a discovery shall be made that will have lasting repercussions.

And it all begins on an important day…