It was quiet in the car.

Feather Turner sat in the backseat, looking out the window. Trees, turning into the colors of fall, met her. Absently, she reached up to stroke the feather in her hair. It had been a gift from her father, after she came home crying about the other kids teasing her about her name.

He was s l...

No, don't think about that.

"Your face will freeze like that."

"I'm trying to cheer up Fae. She's being pouty again."

She blinked, glancing at the front seat. Her brother Lowell was in the passenger seat, next to their mother Edith. Both shared the neat blonde hair. Feather's own hair was messy and red.

"I'm fine." she said. "Don't worry."

"Good. All hands will be needed to make this house a home."

"Why didn't we stay at our old place?" her brother asked.

Because their father's illness had require so much expensive medicine and other stuff. And after he died...

"Because here, we won't be under as much financial strain." her mother answered. "This house has been in the family for years."

Finally, the car stopped. Feather glanced outside to see a huge Victorian mansion. It had two stories. The windows were dark. The outside had been dark blue, the trim a light green, both colors faded and the paint peeling.

Edith slipped out a car with a wide grin. "Can you feel that fresh air kids? Much better than the city!" She pulled out a set of keys. "Now. Let's see here."

She pushed a key in, turning it. The three entered the front room. There was a thin layer of dust everywhere, a crystal chandelier dark. "Wow." Edith said. "This house is going to need a lot of love. Stay close."

The family walked together. Faded wallpaper was peeling, dust puffing out from their steps. All the rooms were empty except for old, moth ridden, furniture.

"There is no way we can live in these conditions." Edith said. She smiled.

"We'll have to attack it."

The three set to work cleaning. It was hard work, but relaxing. Feather watched a small pile of dust emerge as she swept. Her eyes landed on a door. She wasn't sure why, but she abandoned her dust to walk up.

The sixteen year old opened it.

She was met with a huge library. Well, a floor of a library. One floor was a library. A small staircase led to a loft full of stuff that she couldn't see. On the wall, skulls of some creatures were hung next to a monochrome picture of a man with glasses.

Her eyes landed on a nearby tale. A large book sat there. Feather set her broom next the doorway and headed to the book. She opened it, feeling the leather cover. The pages were filled with odd titles and confusing information.

A talisman can be used to manipulate a... There was a chunk of text after that was too faded to read. That was also common.

"Oh wow."

Feather turned to see her mother and brother looking around. "This is my grandpa's library."

"So," the younger said, pointing to the picture. "That's..."

"Tempest Kronos. On my side of the family, there was long tradition of giving your child a nature name. My dad broke that when he named me, but your dad liked the idea Feather- Lowell!"

The blonde boy froze in the loft.

"Get down from there!"

"Aw, c'mon Mom! There's just a bunch of junk up here."

Feather picked up a journal. She blinked at what looked like a list of titles, followed by blueprints. "What did Great-Grandpa do?"

"I think officially that he was an architect, but he wanted to be a writer. But he also made what looked like robots." Edith smiled. "I'm glad to see you taking an interest. It'll help with a school report."

"Do I really have to go to school?"

"Fae, you need to go. There's no way around it."

"I can teach myself. Tempest didn't go to school, right? And look at all of this cool stuff."

Edith frowned. "My grandfather is not somebody you should look up to. Now, c'mon. We need to finish cleaning so we can start unpacking." She walked out of the room. Lowell followed

Feather sighed, glancing back to the book. She blinked, moving it aside.

A handprint was in the center of the table. The redhead reached out, setting her hand on it. She drew back with a sharp yelp. She glanced at her pricked finger- a perfect red bead sat there. Her attention was drawn away when the handprint began to glow light blue.

The table top flipped, revealing a necklace model. A necklace sat there. A dark blue stone sat in silver, the string silver as well.

Feather reached out, taking the necklace. She moved to tie it around her neck, but...

It tied itself?


"Coming Mom!"

She didn't notice the pair of glowing eyes.