Edith was set up in the room Tempest had been in. Thankfully, his body had been placed somewhere else. Feather and Lowell were dressed in new clothes. Now, the redhead sat by her mother's bedside, trying to push away memories of a still body and flashing ambulance lights.

Harris frowned. "It appears your mother had been poisoned by the arachean. I'll need to talk to Reynard."

She glared down at the talisman when the robot left the room. Wrapping a hand around the gem, she tried to pull it off. Instead, the cord tightened around her neck. Feather gagged.

"Calm down. We got your mother back."

"You didn't say she was going to be poisoned! How do we cure her?"

"That, my dear Fae, will be up to you."

The talisman went dark.

And Feather wept.

Feather and Lowell were lead upstairs. Terran and a large bot named Engine were fiddling with what looked like a control panel in front of a large window. "What are we doing?" Her brother asked.

"Arachean poison is too strong for any medicine we have here." Reynard explained. The siblings sat down on seats, pulling seatbelts on. "The nearest town is Steamton. It's a two day trip."

"But we broke the speeder."

"We have another way."

Terran pressed a button. There was a loud groan from the house. Then, there was the crack of rock as the house moved. Looking outside, Feather could see an entire body.

The house was a giant robot.

Sunlight out up the landscape as Chronos House escaped the place it had been for decades. It entered a large forest.

And Feather knew that their next adventure was about to begin.

A/N: Talisman- Secrets, will be out in February.