I've never hated anyone like I hate my mother

You may think it's cruel, but she is like no other

Following in her footsteps is my greatest fear

Don't pass resent until you hear

About the pain that she caused to me

A worse mother than her, there can never be

I don't know what it's like to be addicted to pills

However I do know what it's like to be a witness, it kills

You see my mother was always intoxicated

Compared to drugs, looking after her kids was over rated

She would always come home really late

She would never be looking too great

Sometimes my mother wouldn't come home at all

She wouldn't leave a message, she wouldn't even call

If you think this is bad, oh just you wait

I used to wonder how I was assigned such a fate

When I was two, my six siblings and I were taken away

To various foster homes where we would all stay

She didn't even say goodbye

We were all separated, my six siblings and I

I waited, and waited for a long time, you see

For my mother to come and rescue me

Instead of coming to my aid, do you know what she did?

She went and had another kid

She didn't care that I wasn't with her

All she cared about was her liquor

That's when my hatred for her started grow

But try as I might, I just couldn't hate my new baby bro

In fact, I felt sorry for the tiny little lad

He'd have to go through the same pain that we all had

The sad part was, there wasn't anything that we could do

To help him live the life that he was supposed to

So just like me and the others, he had to deal with our mother

Downing pills and drinks, one after the other

By then my hope had started to drain

I'd lost track of how many times my mother was restrained

So there I was, little five year old me

Still too little and too young to see

What was happening to my mother

Although unlike my youngest brother,

I didn't have to witness it, day and night

But I was still old enough to know that it wasn't right

When I was six, my hope of freedom had long since vanished

From my heart and mind, my mother was banished

I had stopped fantasizing about her freeing me

I tried to forget about her and be as happy as I could be

But when I was seven, My foster parents received a call

Turns out I wouldn't have to live there forever after all

You have no idea how happy I was

I figured I'd be going to live with my father because

He was a much better parent than my mother

As horrible as she, there was no other

But to my dismay, it wasn't my father they were sending me to

I wanted to protest, but what could I do?

I was only seven years old

I had to do as I was told

So I sat silently in the car

We didn't have to drive that far

When we arrived, my mind had cleared

Perhaps my mother wasn't at all what I feared

It didn't even take very long

For me to see that I was wrong

My mother had told us that she had changed her way

For a little while, it seemed okay

But one day she didn't come home

My seven siblings and I were all alone

My two oldest siblings, my sister and brother

Began to do all the things that were tasked to our mother

They cooked, they cleaned, they kissed us little ones good night

I was old enough now to know that it wasn't right

My mother finally came home, almost two weeks late

She argued with my older siblings, a fight that wasn't so great

My older sister left that night to live with her Dad

I kept telling myself that it wasn't so bad

When I was eight, on Halloween day,

A car pulled into our long driveway

I leaped with joy when I saw the driver was my Dad

Seeing his face just made me so glad

He said he was taking my two younger brothers and me

And for the first time in my life, I knew I was free