There is no hope

That's what we say to ourselves.

The world is a painful place

We are all born with pain

We live through difficulties

We all look for something

We look for hope

Love, is the greatest thing

When we feel we don't have enough love,

Don't have enough hope,

We start to lose the strength to live

Our world needs love, and it needs hope

Without it, we are broken

People don't make eye contact when they ask,

How are you?

We tell them we are okay, and that everything is fine

But we aren't okay, and nothing is fine,

And they'll never know that

It only takes three seconds for someone to say something negative

And we may never forget those words

Words are powerful

You're not good enough

Just give up

No one likes you

You're ugly

You're worthless

Waste of space

No matter how good, or how bad of a day we are having

There will always be people who try to bring us down to make us feel worse about ourselves

Each word is like a knife cutting into our skin

The wounds are so deep

We start to believe those lies around us

You're not good enough

No one will ever want you

You'll never do anything good in your life

And we are scared that we will always be alone

Because if our peers don't like us, will anyone?

If our classmates won't accept us, will anyone?

We begin to believe that we aren't good enough

That we will always be failures

We'll never be someone anybody could like or accept

Each thought brings us closer to that voice telling us to end it all

And it consumes us

Until all we need is one step before we fall

We think about suicide because we don't have hope

We think we don't have hope

We can't see the bright light in our future

We don't believe in something we can't see

We see only the shadowy curtain hanging over our lives

We suffer in silence, not telling a soul

We tell ourselves that

They couldn't possibly understand what we are going through

And they wouldn't be able to help us anyway

We carry those words and thoughts in our heads on repeat

And each day it brings us closer to our own destruction

Why do we kill each other with our words?

Why do we look in a mirror and only see the ugly instead of the beauty?

Each person is beautiful

There is a greater purpose for everyone

We are here for a reason

There are times when we fall and feel

No strength to get back up

We can get up

When we fail, we have to try again

It isn't the end until we have given up

And the fact that we are here, right now,

Means that we have another chance to get back up

There is always hope