Chapter one - a secret club

She kind of wondered what they had in common, the three of them. Ten-year-old Joe. Eleven-year-old Sarah. Eight-year-old Sophie. They seemed to be such a odd constellation. None of them were in the same class. None of them played any sports or did other acitivities as far as she knew. But still they seemed to be such close friends.
Ten-year-old Bella was new at the school, and had started hanging around with these guys sometimes. They had been very friendly to her and also helped her when some older kids said mean things to her.
"I would just like to take away the whole subject math" Joe said. He was a blond, short-haired boy with glasses. He was quite short and thin.
Bella was sitting with him and the two others in the cafeteria.
"I know, I hate it too" Sarah said. She were of normal-lengh, also blond and with really beutiful green-ish eyes.
"I like all classes" little Sophie said. The youngest girl had light brown hair but surprisingly blue eyes.
"That's just because your still so young. Just wait, everything will get much worse and advance" Joe said.
"Whatever" Sophie said.
"What classes do you like, Bella?" Sarah asked.
Bella blushed, and got angry at herself at once. Why did she have to be so shy? She tried to keep her voice steady and clear as she replied: "I love history. And geography."
"I love history too" Sarah said and gave her friends a look. "I think all of us do in one way."
Bella wanted to ask what she meant with 'in one way', but she didn't dare.
"Bah, just five minutes to next class" Joe said with a look at his watch. "I'd better go. See you 3.30 for the club meeting."
"I might come a little bit after, my class stops at 3.30" Sarah said.
"And I have to wait for you as usual" Sophie said.
All of them stood up and went to their classes, leaving Bella there, wondering what kind of club they were talking about. They had mentioned it before, but none of them had said anything about what they did there.

"Do you think we should try to invite Bella to the club?" Sarah asked her two friends as they were sitting in the dark basement room. "She seem to be a nice person, just very shy."
"What makes you think she would like it here?" Joe said.
"Nothing special, but Sophie didn't know anything before she stepped in on us, right? And now she enjoys it, don't you?"
"Yes, of course" Sophie said. "It's super."
"I mean, we can invite Bella and see what she says."
"She doesn't even say that much" Joe said. "She probably wouldn't even tell if she liked it or not."
"I don't know, maybe you are right. It was just an idea. Anyway, she needs friends. And I think she might feel excluded if she's not invited here."
"We can still spend time with her when we don't have the club" Joe said.
There were a few moments of silence.
"So what are we gonna do today?" Sophie asked and looked anxious.
"The card game" Sarah replied.
"Wiie!" the younger girl exclaimed. "I just hope I don't get the queen or king."

A few weeks had passed. Bella was still hanging with Joe, Sarah and Sophie. She knew them a bit better now and didn't feel that shy. When she talked with Sarah on her own she really felt secure and could almost be herself.
But the neither she nor the other two still had said anything about what kind of club they went to. Finally, one day, she got courage enough to ask Sarah.
"Well, it's a secret club" Sarah said. "We don't tell to anyone who is not a member what we do. That's rule number one."
Bella didn't ask more that day, but a couple of days later she asked Sarah: "So, how many members do you have in that club?"
"It's just the three of us" Sarah replied.
Bella took a deep breath. Then she asked: "Can there only be three?"
Sarah looked at her and she felt how she blushed. But she managed not to look down.
"Do you want to join?" the older girl asked.
"M...maybe" Bella replied.
"Let's have a talk" Sarah said and took Bella's hand.
Bella just followed, and suddenly she found herself inside a restroom together with Sarah, who closed and locked the door.
"Wh.. what are you doing?" Bella asked.
"Our club is top secret. And not just for fun. If anyone found out about what we do, we would be in trouble."
"Is... is it dangerous?"
"No, certainly not. But people just wouldn't understand. So if you want to come to check out, you have to make a promise to never ever tell anyone what you see or hear down there. Do you understand?"
The older girl said this with such autority that Bella couldn't help but to nod and say: "I swear."
"Do you swear never to tell about the club to anyone else?" Sarah asked.
"And to never ever tell about what we do?"
"And if you break this promise, you will be forever cursed" Sarah finished.
Bella swallowed.
"Meet me at 3.30 in the cafeteria and I'll take you with me."

Sarah watched Bella as she entered the cellar room. The shy 10-year-old looked around with wide eyes that went from Joe, sitting on the sofa, to Sophie, laying on her tummy on the floor, to all the materials they had gathered. The games... The books... the pictures... And the tools.
"What... what are all these for?" Bella said and pointed at the implements laying on the table.
"For spanking of course" Sophie said.
Sarah could have kicked the little kid for just saying it like that.
"S...spanking?" Bella said, tomato faced.
"Sorry to say it so abruptly, but... yes. Spanking. We are The Spanking club."
"And... what do you do?"
"We share an interest in spanking" Sarah replied. "We like to talk about spanking. To read books with spanking in it. And to play spanking games."
Bella looked as if she couldn't belive her ears.
"I know it sounds strange" Joe said. "But it's true. And it's amazing."
"Joe and me found out about our interest when we had a history class together and the teacher brought up the subject of spanking and corporal punishment. After the class we discussed... and just couldn't stop. It was a too exciting subject."
"So we decided to make a secret club for those who liked spanking like we do" Joe said.
"Sophie just happened to come in here one day, we hadn't been discrete enough probably. And we had forgotten to lock the door. Very clumsy, we won't do that mistake again. But it was kind of good, otherwise it would still just have been the two of us."
"Sophie liked it right away, didn't you?" Joe asked.
"Yup" Sophie said. "But you didn't wanna play spanking games with me first."
"True, we weren't sure if you would really like it... but you do" Sarah said.
"Yup" the young girl said. "Who doesn't?"
"Many people I guess" Sarah said. "The question is, what do you think of all this, Bella? We understand if you want to leave. You can go if you want, but remember your promise."
"I..." Bella still looked schocked. "But... what do you DO when you talk about... spanking? And play spanking games?"
Little Sophie sat up. "It can be all kinds of things. It can be kinda like house. Or school. And we have a card game and a dice game and many other things."
"If you want you can stay and watch" Sarah said. "But you must promise again not to tell ANYONE about this. Okay?"
Bella nodded.
"Sit down then" Joe said. "We are about to start."