Chapter 15 - Some questions

"It'll be just you and Bella today" Sarah told Joe.
"How come?" Joe asked.
"Dad said we had do do something."
Joe tried to hide that he didn't mind too much that he got some time on his own with Bella.
But Sarah gave him a smile. "I think it's good for you two to have some quality time together just the two of you."
Joe blushed.
"Take this chance to get to know her even better" Sarah said. "And honestly, you should tell her how you feel for her."
"Maybe" Joe said.
Sarah smiled again. "Don't be so scared. I know she likes you a lot. It's obvious."

"So I guess it's just you and me today" Joe said as he met up with Bella after school.
"That's fine" Bella said. "We don't have to be a whole gang every day."
They started their walk towards Joe's house.
"What do you think people say about us?" Bella asked after some time.
"What do you mean?" Joe said.
"Like... we are a bit odd gang, aren't we? People must be talking for sure."
Joe shrugged. "Well, personally I don't care too much about what people think. I'm friend with whoever I want."
"I guess you're right. I just don't want anyone to... you know... start suspecting something."
"Suspect what? That we spank each others bottoms?" Joe said.
Bella carefully looked around. Luckily, no-one was near.
"Come on" Joe said. "How could anyone even come up with the idea? The only person who would ever thing anything like that would probably be one of us."
"One of us?"
"Yeah, another person interested with spanking, I mean."
Bella nodded after once again looking around to make sure no-one was around. "True" she said.

"Are we weird?" Bella asked as they had some snack.
"How do you mean?" Joe asked.
"With... you know... the spankings and all."
Joe could see that Bella was still a bit shy to talk about this, but he admired that she brought it up if it worried her. He had also been having those thoughts before, so he knew how she felt.
"You know" he said "I always found spankings interesting and funny. And when I found out Sarah shared the same interest, it was a big relief. In the beginning we used to discuss if we were weird or strange. But you know, why don't just accept that we like this? It's fun and we enjoy it, so we stopped making a big deal of it."
Bella nodded, but Joe wasn't completely sure she was 100% convinced. Maybe only time could convince her completely.
Despite this, she was the one who brought up the question.
"So, should we play today?" she asked, with a cute little blush on her face.
"Sure" Joe said. "But we have to stay up in my room, in case my mom comes early again."
Bella nodded.

"So, how do you wanna do it?" Joe asked up in his room.
"Maybe like last time when it was you and me?" Bella suggested. "Like, one is parent and one is child?"
Joe nodded. "Or babysitter maybe."
"I read in some book about a babysitter spanking the kids. Actually with a hairbrush and a belt, but we don't have to do that."
Bella giggled a bit. "No, but maybe the spoon. It stung like crazy."
"Sure" Joe said. "But are you okay with that?"
"Otherwise I wouldn't suggest it, stupid" Bella said.
Joe shrugged. "So... do you wanna be the child or the grown-up?"
"Doesn't matter, we can swap afterwards, right?"
Joe nodded.
"Okay... I'm the parent, then" Bella said. "Can I go and bring that spoon?"
"Sure" Joe said. "Bring it, and then we'll start."

Once again, Joe got surprised by Bella's good acting skills. As she came into the room with the spoon is her hand, someone who didn't knew them could have believed she was serious. Maybe a real sister angry and about to punish her brother. The idea made Joe's body tingle.
Bella lectured just like an adult as she sat down on Joe's bed.
"Now pull those pants and underwear down so I can give you a proper spanking" she said.
Joe was of course used to this, still it felt more special to do this just him and Bella. And his body really reacted on it. As he pulled his underpants down, he tried his best to hide it. Bella didn't waste any time, though, but made him lay across her lap. Immediately she started spanking him with the wooden spoon.
Already when she spanked her hand, she hit quite a bit harder than Sarah or Sophie. With the spoon, it got even worse. Her spanks really hurt from the first stroke, and already after a small bunch of them it felt like if Joe had been spanked twice or three times.
"Ouch" he found himself whining. And tears appeared in his eyes.

Bella couldn't help but to smile, the sight of Joe standing there with his bottom red and naked was... cute. She couldn't find any better way to describe it.
"Wow... that was hard" Joe said, rubbing his bottom.
For a moment, Bella was afraid she had gone too far, hit to hard.
"Don't worry, I'm fine. It's just that you spank harder than the others. But it's good, you're good. I'm gonna be more gentle on you, though, since you're not that used to it."
Bella nodded. "But it's okay if you spank me hard as well, I mean... to be fair."
"Don't worry" Joe said. "Let me... just go to bathroom and then we can swap."
Bella nodded.
Joe pulled his underwear and pants back up and left the room.

When Joe came back to his room, Bella was sitting on the bed, looking a bit nervous. Joe couldn't tell if it was real or acted, or maybe both.
"Well, young lady" he said. "I'm really disappointed with your behaviour and I'm sad that I have to spank you."
"Please daddy, don't spank me" Bella begged with a little-girl voice.
"You know what happens to naughty kids in this house" Joe said. "They get bare bottom spankings."
Bella blushed a bit, but at the same time she looked a bit defiant.
Joe sat down next to her on the bed.
"Please, don't give me a spanking" Bella said once again.
"Stand up" Joe commanded.
Slowly, Bella stood up.
"And now, pants and panties down to your knees" Joe ordered.
"No!" Bella exclaimed.
Then she surprised him by turning around on the spot and running away.
"Hey!" Joe shouted and found himself running after her. At the doorpost, he managed to get a hold of her arm. He pulled her back towards the bed. She made some resistance, but not enough to make it too hard to get her there.
As he sat down again, he made Bella stand on his right side. Then he put his hands in the waistband of her soft pants and pulled them down. A moment later, he pulled down her green panties as well. On of her hands came down to cover what was there, but Joe followed Bella's example and quickly pulled her across his lap, starting the spanking right away.

Bella couldn't describe the mix of feelings she had as she lay there across Joe's lap. The spankings awakened so many different emotions and made her body react in strange ways. On one hand, it hurt. And the spoon hurt a lot, much more than getting spanked with the hand. But on the other hand, for some strange reason, she could accept the pain. What she found that she liked was the feeling of being the naughty little girl and getting punished. Her daddy rarely punished her for anything, and if he did it would just be with grounding or something like that. She had heard of people getting spanked, but never reflected more upon it until she met with Joe, Sarah and Sophie.
But since then, spanking had dominated her thoughts. In the evenings, she had found herself fantazising about them. A few, forbidden times, she had even dared to think of the idea how it would have been if her dad used spankings as punishment. Not that she would ever want him to, of course, but for some reason she liked playing with the thought.
"You know you deserve this, right?" Joe's voice said.
"No" Bella dared to reply.
Joe kept spanking and Bella found tears running down her cheeks. She tried not to move around too much despite her buttocks stinging more than ever.
"You are such a naughty kid" Joe said and kept spanking.

Bella seemed to be able to handle more than Joe thought. Her bottom was bright red when he decided to finish. As he stopped the spanks, he felt Bella's body relaxing across his lap. That's when he heard that she was sobbing. Afraid to have gone too far, he asked her if she was okay. To his relief, she nodded. Instinctively, he rubbed her back a bit.
"You can stand up" Joe said.
But Bella didn't make any sign of wanting to get up, so Joe kept rubbing her back, hoping that she would stop crying. He didn't really like seeing her sad, but the feeling of having her there laying across his lap made him feel almost protective. At the same time, the fact that her bare bottom was there right in front of him on his lap was overwhelming and exciting. Carefully, he dared to rub her bottom a little bit. He had seen someone doing that on a film. To his surprise, Bella didn't seem to mind.
After another few moments, she finally stood up.
"Are... are you sure you are okay?" Joe asked.
"Yup" Bella said. "But it hurt quite a bit, this one."
She pulled her panties up followed by the pants.
"You... you said you were okay with the spoon" Joe said.
"I am. It's just that I guess I'm not used to it" Bella said. "Hey, you look worried. Don't be."

"You know", Bella said a bit later as they were playing some games "It is weird, what we are doing. But... who cares? As you said, we like it and it's not like we are hurting each other or putting each other into danger or anything."
"True" Joe said. "But it's only weird if you think of it as weird."
They kept playing for some time, before the door opened downstairs and they heard Joe's mom calling for them.
As they came down, they found her carrying som pizza boxes.
"Hungry?" she asked.
"Always hungry for pizza" Joe said.
"I already spoke to your dad, Bella" Joe's mom said. "And you know what, he also agreed for a sleepover some day if you would like to."
"That would be fun" Joe said. "Right, Bella?"
Bella nodded.

As it was time for Bella to go, Joe asked her if he could show her something quickly in his room. So she followed him upstairs.
"What did you want to show me?" Bella asked.
"I made something for you" Joe said.
And from his drawer he took out a folded-up-paper. "Open it at home. Don't show anyone."
"Okay... is it... you-know..."
"You'll see."
He smiled at her confused face.

Bella closed the door to her room. She lay down on her bed and then carefully un-folded the paper Joe had given her.
A smile spread over her face. The paper consisted of two drawings. First a boy spanking a girl across her lap. The next one was the two of them hugging. Bella didn't knew Joe was such a good drawer. Then she noticed the text below the drawings.
It was a question, asking: "Do you want to... (mark all that's correct and return it to me tomorrow)"
and then there was a few alternatives:

1. Be a member of the club
2. Still be my friend
3. Be together with me

Bella blushed and smiled at the same time. Without hesitation, she marked all of the alternatives.