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My earliest memory...ice...death...running in the snow...Sorano losing an eye...and the worst feeling to feel when you're seven...loneliness.

"Babe, wake up! You're late for work again." was the first thing I heard. I woke up and looked to my left. "Good morning Frost." I replied as I scratched my eyebrows. I heard my boyfriend chuckle and felt him starting to pat my head. I looked at him, surprised he wasn't on my left. In fact, I was on his chest somehow. "How did I end up here?" I asked him, scratching my back. I heard a muffled noise and noticed my elbow getting wet. Why is the wetness dislocated this morning? I thought before realizing that I had accidentally shoved my elbow in Frost's mouth. I removed my elbow and Frost explained "You wandered off to a party and I had to carry you home and while we were in the car you fell asleep on my chest and I knew that I was probably going to wake you if I moved so that is why I am acting as a bed in our car. Also I managed to get Gray home because the poor guy was getting drunk and sobbing again.". I became aware of my surroundings. I was in the front of Frost's car. Frost was lying over the cup holders and our neighbor was outside, staring at us. "Babe...did you park in our neighbor's driveway again?" I asked. Frost quickly sat up and drove out of the driveway as fast as he could. He carefully parked the car in the correct driveway before yelling "SORRY MISSES MASUYO!". The neighbor walked into our driveway and stuck her head in his window. "Look child, I told you already. You can call me Chinatsu. I am just glad the car wasn't running all night. I have all my grandchildren over for the weekend." Misses Masuyo explained. I sat up and asked her how her grandchildren were. "Well little Hana lost her first tooth even though it did not happen until she was nine. Miyu decided to do another stunt in that skatepark again. I have to teach that girl a lesson. You does some terrible dangerous things. The last piece of news I have is that I finally got to see my first grandson after the ten months he has been born. I have to say, Akira and Cormac have done a good job raising them." Chinatsu explained. We had a quick conversation before she left to go into her house and we got into ours. This was a normal day so far.

It wasn't until the afternoon things started to get weird. "I still can't believe this is going to be the first summer we finally get to spend all our time with your sister, her husband and their kids. Oh, and Rickison will be there too." I said as me and Frost walked through the park together. "Oh there won't be a summer this year." a voice said from the tree in front of us. I looked up to see a young boy with red hair up in the tree. He jumped down and said "My name is Daichi Orrin Ninbog and I am here for Miana's child.". Frost got defensive and growled "We have nothing to do with the iced witch. Now scram before you end up dead.". Daichi smirked and explained "Oh you may have nothing to do with the witch but your girlfriend does. Trust me, I know all about you two. Frost and Sorana. A couple, been dating for about 8 years, fell in love in high school, keep your love a secret from all of your friends and family. Sorana is truly Miana's daughter. NOW HAND HER OVER!". Daichi's words weren't enough to get Frost to take down his defense. "Is he lying?" Frost asked. I looked Frost right in the eye and said "how the actual heck am I supposed to know? I was seven when my mom died. I didn't know my own name until I was six. I didn't know my sister's name until I was six and a half and after I got the hang of that it was too late to ask my parents for their names.". Frost mumbled something under his breath and just before he could turn back to Daichi, his face seemed to express pain. He fell to the ground and I noticed three snakes retreat from his back. Another boy was standing next to Daichi but he had brown hair. He suddenly divided into two boys, one with brown hair and the other with black. "Achshaph, Visha, do you not trust me?" Daichi asked. The black haired boy let out a huff and explained "You were taking too much out of the already small amount of time that we have.". I didn't hear the rest of the conversation because I was too busy checking on Frost. I was about to fight back but I felt dizzy and passed out.

I woke up on a cold metal floor and the first thing I saw was the brown haired boy and a girl with gold and violet tattoos on her face. "Well, well, well, it seems you and Visha did a good job Achshaph." the girl explained. I was right at their feet and the girl kicked me in the face. The laughed evilly as she pushed me away. "You thought you could escape me and my boyfriend. Pitiful girl! Let us introduce ourselves. We are the guards of your last resting place. This is the last place you will sleep before we revive Miana and we could only do that with the little sister of our Master Sorano. My name is Michi Mei. I may only be twenty four but I actually am the top torturer of this dungeon. You already met our "best" capturer who should get a serious demotion, Daichi. This red headed 35-year-old is actually the older brother of the elite four dolls. Next is only the hottest defender in the dungeon, Achshaph. Oh and his twin brother Visha is here too." the girl explained. I realized their full bodies at this moment. Michi was tall with golden hair tied in a long braid. Her attire consisted of a tight, dark crimson bodysuit with chains on her arms and legs. Daichi was wearing a light blue t-shirt, a green sweater, mint green runners and grey trousers. His attire seemed friendly compared to the others. Visha had a black dress shirt that was fully buttoned up with black suit pants and leather shoes. This was exact contrast to Achshaph's outfit of a white shirt that was half buttoned with dark blue suit pants and leather shoes. I felt threated and then it all faded to black again.

Alright since I need to put something at the end here why not put fun facts:

-The mentioned sister, brother-in-law, nieces and nephew will all appear in the next chapter.

-Ninbog is a mixture of the Japanese and Irish words for dolls (Ningyo and babog) and it is related to future events.

-Chinatsu and her grandchildren weren't mentioned/didn't appear for no reason. It's a bit of foreshadowing. Let's see if anyone can crack it.

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