"Please, protect her well. I-" The woman stopped speaking as a heavy cough overpowered her words. Blood slowly spilled out of her mouth and slid down her dry lips. One of the bloody drops lightly landed on a sleeping baby's face.

The woman noticing this focused on the child and gave the child a desperate loving smile. With great effort she lifted a hand and with a single finger caressed the baby's brow. With the last of her body's strength she handed the baby to the woman who was facing her. After this deed was done she swayed lightly and began to say her last words, slowly she left her last will.

"Please do not tell her anything, not until she turns of age. On her sixteenth spring, giver her this necklace." Using her feeble strength she removed a delicate chain from her own neck. The chain held an intricately decorated pendant. Within the pendant was a drawing of a beautiful woman and a handsome man, each with one hand lovingly supporting a new born baby.

The pendant drawing was the only one that would remain of this tragic family of three.

"Also, make sure she never reveals this to anyone." The woman then placed a heavy ring on the chain. The pendant and the ring rested next to each other and were then tucked within the baby's dirty dress.

"When she finds out about my husband and I, please tell her..." the woman paused as a single tear fell from her eye.

"Tell her, she was our greatest treasure." The woman closed her eyes, her body swayed more heavily as she struggled to remain upright. Even as she was dying her proud demeanor kept her upright, her esteemed background provided her the backbone to ignore the pain and face forward.

The woman who had been watching her the whole time, engraving each word into her heart, finally could no longer hold back her sobs. The woman held the baby in her arms tightly as she bowed her and fell to her knees.

"Yes my Queen, this I promise you!" The woman, knowing she could stay no longer, took one last look as her Queen, and with tears in her eyes turned to flee the dark sewer.