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Lyretta looked at her mother with a blank expression. "Yes?" She said .

Leal realized she had started her confession too awkwardly.

"You are..." Leal paused and took her daughter's hands holding them tightly.

"You are not my biological baby, you were born the child of another." she said as she stared directly into Lyretta's purple eyes.

Lyretta's mouth slacked open in shock. If her mother had said this under any other circumstances she would have taken it as a bad joke, but her mother was much too serious for that to be the case.

"whatdoyoumean" Lyra said very quickly hoping, but not daring to hope that her mother was saying a lie, or maybe performing a bad birthday prank. Leal looked at Lyra with a very pained expression and once again took her hands and tightly held them.

"My dear child, please know that no matter what, my love for you will always be true. I will never abandon you." She said these words as she once more focused her gaze right on Lyretta. These words were from the bottom of her heart.

Lyretta's eyes filled with tears, but she fully trusted her mother's words and patiently waited for her mother to continue explaining.

Leal saw the trust in Lyretta's eyes and her own heart immediately settled down. Then her eyes took on a faraway look as she remembered that brightly smiling Princess, then Queen, that had been her master.

"Your real mother was a wonderful lady of esteemed status. She was very youthful and fun. She was pretty, proud, and well mannered, an all-around great lady. Her last act... was the ultimate act of loyalty and love. For you, she sacrificed her life". Lyretta was shocked by this revelation, but continued to remain quiet

"Sixteen years ago, do you know what the most destructive event that occurred in this kingdom was?" Leal asked as the fires of fury filled her dark eyes.

Lyretta thought for a moment and quickly realized what her mother was referring to.

"The overthrow of the monarchy?" Lyretta replied quietly. No one spoke of that time, as if it was a taboo. The younger generations knew very few of the facts and when they asked their parents answers were hard to come by.

Leal nodded as she explained. "Back then neither you, nor I, were simple humble people. I was the head of the Queen's guard." Leal raised her sleeve and showed Lyretta a small purple tattoo on the pit of her elbow.

Lyretta eyes focused on that spot as even that last part of disbelief disappeared. That was the symbol of the last monarchy, that much she knew.

Rolling her sleeve down Leal continued again. "Back then, I met your mother three years prior to your birth. She had come from a northern kingdom and I had been assigned as a guard that came as part of her dowry. We were close in age, so we quickly developed a very good friendship." Leal had a small smile on her face as she remembered the early days of the past.

"Two and a half years later you were born. You were your mother and father's little beloved treasure." Leal Patted Lyretta's hand.

Lyretta tried to imagine the joy that her parent's felt, and she slowly smiled, knowing that she had been greatly loved.

Leal slowly let go of Lyretta's hands and put her hand to her mouth as her lips trembled from the great emotions she was suddenly feeling. Lyretta looked at her mother very worried that her memories would cause her to break down.

Her mother soon resumed her story.

"Your father, His Majesty, fell ill not too long after you were born. Mayham broke loose as traitorous people came forward seeking to become the regent in the interim!" Leal let out her anger as she hands trembled with rage. No longer was she close to tears, instead she wished she could pick up her sword and seek those traitorous fools!

"As your father worsened, rather than a regent the traitors sough to begin a new dynasty. During the revolts that followed your mother protected you as she headed toward a secret passage. By the time she reached it she had been mortally wounded." At this point Lyretta stopped her mother and asked the question that had been tickling her heart.

"Who was she?" Though the answer was by now obvious, Lyretta wanted confirmation.