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Within the pendant there was a detailed drawing of three individuals. The first was a young woman with robust looks. The woman had dark hair and green eyes which were full of joy, her body was slightly full which only accented her healthy beauty. Her pretty pink lips were positioned in an eternal smile. With one hand on her shoulder, a man stood next to her. He too had dark hair and he had slightly dark skin; his eyes were also full of joy and on his face, was a proud smile. He was slim, but that did not detract from his majestic aura. In between them they held a baby that could not have been more than a week or two old. From the looks of the sleeping baby Lyretta had no doubt that it was her.

Lyretta held the pendant in her hand and simply stared at it. She was not crying she was not even showing any signs of shock. She was simply staring at the drawing as if transfixed.

"These are my parents." Lyretta said matter of factly, she only needed a moment for her heart to recognize them. She took the pendant and hugged it to her chest. She then carefully hung it back on her neck and let it rest above her own heart. Finally, she went over to her mother and helped her stand up, no longer allowing her to bow in front of her.

Once her mother was standing again Lyretta gave her a fierce hug and thanked her. "Thank you, mother, thank you for raising me, thank you for loving me, and thank you for fulfilling my birth mother's dying wish." Leal hugged her daughter back and enjoyed the moment. At this moment Leal felt that her life was perfect, she wished for nothing more. Those regrets she had, those moments of self-blame, all those painful feelings of hatred, they all disappeared with Lyretta's words.

Her daughter's love was the greatest gift she had ever been given and now she could openly enjoy it without guilt.

"Lyra, there is one more questions I have for you." Leal and Lyretta were once more sitting in their kitchen and enjoying a little bit of food. All the excitement from earlier matters had left them rather famished. Lyretta had been enjoying some soup when her mother interrupted her.

Lyretta quickly stopped eating and considered whether or not she could take any more surprises in one day. After thinking for a moment, she let out a short laugh. Why not, she thought.

" What is it mother?" Lyretta replied as she braced herself.

Leal smiled lightly at Lyretta's behavior, but at the same time she was proud her daughter had wanted to face these issues straightforwardly. "I want to know what you would like to do, as the kingdom's last remaining Princess from the Vermillion Dynasty." Finishing her heavy bomb like question, Leal took up her spoon and calmly continued eating.

It is not that she thought of the matter lightly, it was just that she did not really care what response her daughter gave. As far as she was concerned Lyretta could fight for the throne and she would help her, or she could abandon it and she would never mention it again. She would do whatever made Lyretta happy, that was what she promised Esmeralda, and that was what she wanted to do as a mother. In other words, Lyretta's feelings were the most important.

Lyretta had not been expecting that question, this was reflected by her spoon noisily falling on the table as her face turned to shock. After all she had learned, she had only realized after her mother mentioned it, that in fact she really was the last legitimate daughter of the Vermillion Dynasty. By all rights the throne should have fallen to her!