Not really sure where this came from, just an experimental piece.

Amidst the standard chatter of families too vast for a headcount

Cold flutters are restrained from stinging the bellies of sleeping children by red brick walls

And the tv poses as nothing but background noise, the talk of celebrity drama and political debates ignored

by whispering children headed down creaking stairs

to steal away some of Grandma's famous cookies

Have you ever just stared at the snow before?

Watched the endless cacophony of sizes and shapes, begin and end their descent

How mighty they must feel, adrift in the air

Soaring above all, man or other

Their end comes suddenly, once a king of the lands

and then just a smidge of wet on salted sidewalks

Static in the air, snow on the television screen

Everything is always the same




And yet different

Change the channel?

If you're lucky, you'll get dots that arrange into a scene

But on snowy days like this

All you'll get is

More flakes




Until they stack up on roofs and cars that haven't been ushered into garages

Wake up to the thought of "no school!"

Until you realize oh, it's a Saturday anyways, and the rest is lost to dreams that pull at you, half- asleep

Lulling you into static free territory

But the pixels rage on outside,

Undertaker burying the world in silk

Until all that's left is the silence

The chatter doesn't stop, of course

How did graduation go, anyways?

And who muted the tv?