And so, into mine heart, the darkness doth creep,

it's cold claws seeping into every corner of mine mind.

No heat of fury breaks the ties that bind,

Tethering me forever to mine fate.

A heart full of ice, a mind filled with hate,

These are what define me.

I am what you see, and I am not.

I am what I am asked to be, and yet more.
A quiet soul, a furious beast hidden within.

No longer will the facade of mercy and kindness cloud mine eyes.

And so, I let darkness creep, accepting it as mine comrade.

And it's icy claws as mine weapons.

I need not my hearts fury, for it is a weight that drags me to the bed of humanity's sea.

A sea of chains, of tethers and cruel words.
My heart is full and my mind is ready.

No longer will your hatred scar the frozen surface of mine soul for mine is an armor so infinitely stronger.

Your words cannot make me falter, for my mind is strong and primed.

I will break your mold. I will find new definition.

You will see a new truth that is me.
Never again will I be what I'm asked to be.
I will remain quiet no more. The world will hear my roar.

Mercy is something earned, and I have been given none to return, but I still fear my kind heart will break.

I am sorry I can't be more