I am a derp,

I will always be a derp;

A derp that everyone laughs at,

a derp that can do stupid things,

but sometimes, being a derp

doesn't mean being stupid all the time.

What if a derp is smart? Does it have a brain?

What if a derp is acting lime a pro? Is it good at something?

Or..what if a derp is just average? Does anyone care?

Derps do things they do all the time, even when they look stupid to anyone else.

For me, derps are silly, they make me laugh,

they make me smile, and they make me feel joy.

Derps are not that bad, they just love being derps.

They would look silly, but they are players too.

It doesn't matter whether derps are noobs or pros,

what matters is that derps and players are equal.