Ready to read my new scary story? Then read it!

It was 2 AM right now. A man with a security guard uniform was seen patrolling in a hospital as usual. He actually hate this job, especially when working in the night shift. But what's the power he have, work is still work after all.

As he was patrolling, suddenly he heard someone running at the nearby hallway. Noticing the sound, he then walked to the hallway.

However, no one was there.

"That was weird" the guard mumbled under his breath, raising an eyebrow as he then resumed patrolling.

20 minutes have passed, and the guard was still patrolling alone. Unexpected to him, he heard someone running again at the hallway. Releasing a sigh, he then walked again to the hallway.

However, when he checked the hallway carefully, it was same as before. No one was there

"Is that person are trying to prank me? Damn! " the guard snapped, running his hand through his slick black hair, an annoyed expression on his face. Without wasting more time, he then resumed patrolling again, hoping that no more prank occurred again.

However, it happening again. After patrolling for 15 minutes, the guard heard again running footsteps at the hallway. He expected that he will stumbled upon nobody again, despite hearing the footsteps.

And his expectations come true. No one was there.

"Okay, you want to play with me, fool? Well, you are actually messing with wrong person" the guard growled while grabbing his baton. He then started walking in the hallway carefully, hoping that he will find that person "

Just as he walked, he noticed that the morgue door was open. He then felt that something was wrong.

"OK, looks like you are hiding in the morgue, you freaking grave robber" he mumbled angrily while walking slowly to the morgue.

As he was getting near to the morgue, he then heard some screeching sound.

"What the heck is that sound? " he started to getting more curious. A foul stench can be smelt by him. "Damn, it smells like a rotten corpse" he shuts his nose with his hand.

When he entered the morgue, he was terrified with what he seen.

A rotten corpse with a butcher knife was standing in front of him.

Terrified with what he saw, the guard finally screamed.


The guard then running away swiftly from the morgue . After 5 minutes of running, he then hiding behind a wall.

Just as he was hiding, the guard then heard some footsteps. Unknown to him, the footsteps was actually coming to the guard's direction. Suddenly, he then felt a hand was touching his shoulder.

"Aaaargh! "

"What's the matter, Bart? " a man with a long white coat questioned with a nervous tone in his voice.

"Oh! Bart spoked with a tone of relief before responding back with another question "Dr. Mankins, why are you here? "

"I heard that someone screaming. It is you? " Dr. Mankins questioned with a bit of curiosity.

"Yes, that was my scream" Bart replied with a worrying tone. He then explained what was happening earlier to the doctor. Hearing about what the guard told him making the doctor feeling uneasy.

"Then let's go to the morgue again" the doctor stated, a bead of sweat was running from his face. Bart was hesitated to go to morgue, however, he can't let the doctor to going there alone. Then, they moved quickly to the morgue.

However, when they entered to the morgue, the rotten corpse was gone. There was no trace that left by it.

The End

Author's notes : About what that Bart saw, it was actually a beginning for something more scarier. MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!