This came to me after a dream I had last night. It was the best dream of my life! XD So, anyways, enjoy my weird dream story.

The dark figure ran his alarming long fingernails against the stone cold floor. He gazed into the crystal mirror pool. Over to his left, a young man about twenty stepped in. He was pale, had black hair with red streaks in his bangs. He was dressed like a novice, wearing a long back trench coat. He approached the dark figure.

"You called?" said the young man.

"Kim," said the dark figure. He stepped out of the dark and into the light. He was a tall monstrosity with raven black hair and dark eyes. He smiled, showing razor-sharp needle teeth. He turned to Kim. "About time you came."

"I'm only a little late, Master." Kim explained. "What has happened? Is it another one?"

"Yes," the dark figure sneered, his deep voice sending chills down Kim's spine.

"Who is it?" Kim walked over to the mirror pool. It was fogged at the moment, but soon it cleared up, showing a silhouette. The silhouette cleared up and showed a boy about eighteen with brownish auburn hair and piercing brown eyes. He was dressed in a black suit and wore a gold crown and a black cape.

"The Prince?" Kim glanced up at his dark master, the latter of whom sneered. "But, Master, isn't there a—"

"It is destiny, Kim." said the dark figure. "The mirror pools have never been wrong. We must do what the pools have shown us. It is the way it's always been for thousands of years."

Kim bit his lip in resolve. He peered back at the crystal mirror pool and just couldn't believe the Prince was destined to be the next Harbinger of Darkness. He would do anything to prevent this from happening but fate has called it. It was time to do what destroy wants.

A grunt from the dark corner sounded. Kim looked over at the third figure, who he had forgotten was present. The tall figure turned around to look the pale white figure. He had bulging eyes and his smile showed needle teeth almost similar to the Master's. He was excitable today. He kept his eyes locked on Kim, who waltzed over, rummaging in his coat for something.

"Alright, Needle." Kim said, pulling out a vial from his breast pocket. He opened the bottle. "I can only give you a little bit, but it'll be enough to feed you."

Needle opened his mouth, showing his needle teeth and dark tongue. Kim poured red blood from the vial. Needle lapped it greedily until Kim put the top back up and put it back in his coat. Needle got his name, not from his lethal-looking teeth, but by his pointy "hair." It wasn't hair either. On his head he had sharp quills that he would shoot to anyone if provoked.

"Then it is settled." the Master said. "We will set out tomorrow night for the Prince. And make sure he cooperates.

The mirror pool showed the Prince one more time before it fogged.