A knock sounded on my door just as I blew out the candle on my solitary twenty-first birthday cupcake. Curious, I stood and made my way to the door. I peered through the eyehole to see... a well dressed twenty-something young man standing in my doorway. Suffice to say, I opened the door.

"Ah, hello! I'm Sa'id, an official from the Agency of Super-humans, here to escort you to your Choosing." he said, stepping aside. Immediately behind him was a waiting hover-car, as well as two more well dressed people, one male and one female.

"Nice try, hotshot. My ride's coming at two-thirty, and it's only-" I checked his watch "-2:30pm. Huh. Guess my clock's slow."

Glancing down at my outfit, I quickly ran inside. "I gotta get ready!"

Five minutes later...

"Sorry I took so long." I said, getting into the car with my cupcake.

"Not at all! That's the fastest I've ever seen a girl get ready. It didn't take long at all!" he commented sweetly.

"Th-thanks..." I replied, and we lapsed into an uncomfortable silence.

"Are you exited?" the girl sitting across from me asked.

"Yeah, though I'm not sure how it works. I was sick the day they explained it at school. Have you gone through it?" I inquired back.

"It's just a bunch of boring procedure at first; they have you take a test and then they test your physical abilities, then you get to choose a power from the Book. Then they-."

"We're here!" the driver interrupted.

"Ah, right," she said, reaching to open the door on Sa'id's side. They both got out quite gracefully, and I followed.

They led me through a series of white corridors, finally coming across a heavy wooden one. Sa'id motioned for me to open it.

When I did, I was greeted by an astounding sight. A massive gymnasium-like room was spread out before me, with beautiful thirty-foot ceilings made of glass.

The large quantities of sunlight streaming through the glass illuminated a large fitness area, with fifteen gigantic treadmills surrounded by a track. Extremely long climbing ropes hung from the ceiling.

In another part of the room, there was a screened off area, as well as several comfortable chairs, and some of which has proportionate tables next to them. There was also a large table in one of the corners, with a large screen in front of it.

Whilst I was taking all this in, I didn't notice that the three escorts had left, or that several scientists and officials had entered.

"-llo! Hello! Miss Diaz, are you quite alright?! You're staring at nothing and your facial expression is quite relaxed. Would you like for me to call a medic?!" female called, waving her hand frantically in front of my face. I shook my head, and smiled my sweetest smile possible.

"I'm fine, sorry. Just..." I took a quick glance around the room once more, "I got kinda overwhelmed at just how big this place is!"

She smiled too, rather relieved. "Well, that's completely understandable, it is a rather overwhelming place to be in."

"Well, if you're both quite done," interrupted another official, "Let's get started."