Remember about my one-shot "Something " ? This is the story the wolf and the woman (the woman is also a lycan as well, but instead of werewolf, she is a werefox)

A white wolf and a white fox are running in the forest. This 2 animals are seen chased by a group 12 people armed with rifles. The sound of shootings can be heard clearly.

"Sheeghr! Sheeghr! " a short black-haired man shouted. Looks like he was the leader of the group.

They keep chasing these animals until they're losing their tracks. The group then feeling tired after chasing them for 30 minutes.

"Laanat hai" the leader cursed silently. He then shouted to his lackeys "Where are these damned lycans go? "

"Bos kshama karana, looks like these bastards had managed to escaped us" another man replied with a tired face.

"Aaargh! You fools think that you can running away? Huh! I will that you fools will succumbed to our hands! Can you hear me! SUCCUMBED TO OUR HANDS! he shouted with extremely anger, flames of wrath are seen through his eyes.

To be continued

Translation notes (Hindi)

Sheeghr : Quick

Laanat hai : Damn it