If You Wish Upon a Star

My mom always told me that if you wish upon a star

It will always come true, but this one hasn't so far

I wished that you'd come, come back to me

But this one isn't coming true, you aren't coming back

I can't unsee your face, your gorgeous blue eyes

As they searched for release in the cloud filled skies

As the bullets tore through your skin

I remembered our night, our beautiful sin

From then on, I swore the sky was darker

And the world quieter

As I walk down your old street

I watch everyone I meet

No one's world was any different but mine was upside down

Everyone sporting a smile not even a single frown

Your name a permanent whisper on my lips

The cup of water in my shaking hands being drank in sips

They say it's just the shock but it's not

How can they all act like you weren't just shot?

We've found the kid, the kid who decided to take you away

I look at his face while trying to keep the tears at bay

I know we will try to get you justice

But I'll still wish that it was just us

But even if I do wish upon a star

It will never come true if it hasn't so far