Inside the Splenai Castle's kitchenette, Kalir was just eating a few apples and oranges along with her mother Rokusena as well with Rei and Delorion.

'Boy. I sure love the taste of these apples and oranges, guys.'

'Of course, dear. They were fresh harvests from the countryside.'

'I see.'

As they continued on eating, Splero appeared by the doorway. He was wearing a pilot's uniform instead of his iconic regalia that he normally wear. He then approached to his wife and his child.

'Hey there, guys. Have a tasty snack in here, eh?'

Kalir and Rokusena snickered.

'Of course, Dad.'

'We sure do, sweetheart. Want some?'

'I'll pass, Rokusena.'

'Alright. More for me then.'

As the vixen swallowed an orange slice, Splero looked at Kalir.

'Son, we're going to the airport later.'

'The airport?'



'I'm going to teach you how to fly.'

Rei perked up.

'You're going to be his flight instructor, Sire?'

'Of course I do, Rei. Isn't that obvious?'


Splero chuckled at the hyena.

'Don't worry, Rei. Besides, I wanted to teach Kalir how to fly one of my favorite planes that the Empire use until today.'

Delorion then looked at him.

'You mean the World War One-era planes that were in the airport?'

'Indeed, Delorion.'

Kalir smiled.

'Alright then. When do we start?'

'We'll start in the afternoon, Son. Better get yourself rested and prepped up for later.'




Meanwhile, both Splero and Kalir finally arrived at the airport. As they parked their car near one of the hangars, they disembarked and approached to one of them.

'Follow me, Son. This is hangar where the other planes were being parked up.'

Kalir followed Splero to the designated hangar. As they went inside, both of them saw Acher and Renar assessing an Etrich Taube sported with green and white stripes on its wings and tail.

'Whaji Davay, guys.'

'Heya, Splero. Heya, Kalir.'

'What's up?'

'We're fine and all. What are you two doing?'

'Oh. We're just assessing the wing warping systems of this Taube, Kalir.'

'What is a Taube?'

'Ah, yes. The Taube was a pre-World War One monoplane that became Germany's first military aeroplane to be mass-produced. It was designed in 1909 and first flew into the skies in 1910.'

Kalir was surprised to hear the trivial facts.

'Whoa! This plane is really very old to be honest, guys.'


'Why this?'

'The reason of why this plane was your father's favorite is because to the fact that China also used this plane during the Chinese Revolution of 1911 but unfortunately for the Chinese, the conflict was already ended and the two planes they ordered were not being used in battle.'

Splero nodded.

'He's right. Instead of turning them to scrap, I bought those two planes from their very own hands so that these could be used on our very own accord. After I made a few operations with these during the civil war, I decided to order more of these planes from the German Empire for the Splenish Air Force.'

'That's great, Dad. How many Taubes do we have today?'

'Oh, dear. Well...To be honest, we initially have four of these planes but one of them crashed a long time ago. I tried to buy more of these planes from anywhere but looks like there were no other countries that still have this kind anymore.'

'That's a shame.'

'I know but don't worry. I already made a decree to the military industry to make some reproductions of this plane for the entire Imperial air force.'

'I understand.'

Splero then cleared his throat.

'Alright. Let's get on the air with this plane, shall we?'

'Okay, Dad.'

The two timber wolves then gave some flying goggles to Splero and Kalir. When the monarch and the Akita wolf-dog, Acher helped his brother Renar in removing the blocks that were in the wheels.

'Son, are you buckled in there on the front?'

'Buckled in tight, Dad.'

'Good. Starting engine.'

Manning on the very controls in front of him, Splero flipped the two switches of the engine's magnet. He then flipped the plane's main power switch and the propeller started to spin as the engine revved up to life. As Kalir adjusted his goggles and the seat belt, the absolute monarch looked at the two timber wolves.

'Acher. Renar. Is everything set for the flight?'


'You're both good to go on Runway 7, Sire. Have a safe flight!'


With that being said, the Taube that was piloted by the Emperor of Splena himself started taxiing towards the runway.


In a tavern located somewhere near to the airport, Daniel Lewis was talking to Barista Mark Alex.

'Hey, Alex. How do you know in making good quality drinks in here, eh?'

'Trade secret, dude.'

'Oh. Cut it, will ya?'

'No. You cut it out, man.'


The male human sighed in his seat as the ferret continued on wiping a glass mug clean with a sponging rag. When Alex was about to place the mug on the cupboard, he and Lewis hear a distinctive sound of an aeroplane.

'What's that?'

'I guess it's an aeroplane, dude. I'll check it out.'

Lewis went outside and he looked up. On the corner of his eye, he could see a plane flying overhead.

'Hey, Alex! Come and look at this. It's a bird-like plane flying by.'

'A bird-like plane, you say? Where?'

'Come outside and see for yourself, man.'

When Alex went outside to take a look, he saw the plane flying away into the distance. True to Lewis' description, the plane have wings that had the shape of a bird's wing.

'It is. I wonder where that thing could go to?'

'I don't know. Probably a pleasure flight.'

'You think so?'

'Yeah. I really think so.'

Lewis then headed back inside the tavern. Alex simply shrugged it off and he too entered back to the tavern.