A/N - just some advice. If you don't know what "Caramelldansen" is, google it. Love it or hate it, it'll be fun, just do it. That's the original Swedish name, but I rec you play the Official English version (or whatever your language is, there's lots). Warning: earworm. Also the idea for hashtag shirts - and the tag itself - was Lolly4Holly's. I got permission.

Chap 3 - First Date

There were only two other groups of people in the restaurant; a family with three children, and another couple, all spread about equidistantly amongst the tables. Because of that, the Zydeco music from the P.A. system, and the fact that there was no wait-staff at all, Josh and Caleb had no worries about being overheard.

"Actually, your friends said you were the super-star jock in all of Golden Meadow…", Josh said after the usual pleasantries had been exchanged and they were getting into actual conversation.

"Oh, well… yeah, I guess. Everyone always makes a big deal over me, anyway", Caleb replied a little uneasily. Caleb simply liked to play the games, the 'celebrity' wasn't actually his favorite part of being a… celebrity.

"Are you just being modest? Because… who was it… Jeanette told a different story."

"Well...Okay, yes, I'm being modest. Give me a break."

"Break given. So what did they tell you about me?"

"Uhm, first of all, they said I shouldn't talk about sports. So there's that. And that you liked movies and anime. I asked them for more, but they'd keep saying that I should find out for myself. Wouldn't give me your phone number, either, by the way."

"Here, give me our phone. I'll input myself and then send a text to my phone. Okay, well I'm also into dancing. Ballroom, mostly. And… I'm a… I'm a model."

Although Caleb was having a hard time trying to act cool - or even like he had it together at all - with Josh sitting there only two feet away, he was still aware enough to catch the hesitation about "model".

"A model?"

"Yeah. A male model, like in 'Zoolander'. Didn't you wonder why I look like this? I thought it was pretty obvious…"

"Well… not really. I just thought you were really, really...", he paused trying to find better words, but finally settled on, "reallyreallyreally cute. Wait. Are you saying that that's not what you really look like?"

"No, this is the real me - I'm a natural femme and I'm not wearing makeup right now or anything. But it takes a lot of work. I'd still be pretty if I didn't do the work, but I wouldn't be this pretty. I wouldn't be a model. But I don't wanna talk about that, I just wanted to make sure you knew, is all. So what sports to you play?" Josh wasn't really interested in that, he just wanted to get the conversation off of modeling. He knew that lots of people were fascinated by it, but he wasn't, and he was thankful that Caleb wasn't part of that world. He was getting sick of it.

"Oh, uh… well, I play everything they have at school, but baseball is my favorite. But… I was specifically told not to talk about sports, Josh…"

Josh smiled, "Heh, yeah, probably a good idea, I don't know squat about any of them. Although, oddly enough, I do like sports anime titles. Pretty much all of them. I just watched one about rugby last week, binged it for three nights straight."

Caleb didn't hear most of that. When Josh had smiled, it had been like seeing the sun coming up after a morning shower at a mountain lake, and if he'd been asked, he would have even used those words (although he would have been embarrassed about it later). It was breathtaking. He'd never seen anything like that before. He didn't even know that a smile could do that. He couldn't help but whisper, "Hooooly fuuuuuck…" and then look away in embarrassment once he realized what he'd done.

Josh raised an eyebrow, but quickly realized what had happened. "Oh, I smiled just then didn't I... Everyone reacts that way at first, don't worry about it. You'll get used to it eventually. Actually, you'll get used to everything about the way I look, it just takes a little time, is all."

So he was back to talking about his appearance again. He really didn't want to go down that road - it was another part of his professional life; he was required to do that, and to listen to other people do that, and take training about that, all the fucking time. "But I hear you aren't into anime. Maybe I can show you the baseball one sometime, 'Big Windup'. It's really good."

"Oh, uh… yeah… Uh…" Seeing Josh's appearance, hearing about Josh's appearance, and talking about Josh's appearance, were combining in Caleb's head to befuddle him, and he couldn't think of anything to say. Even about baseball.

That happened to Josh all the time. Sometimes it scared people off, even. He didn't want that to happen to Caleb. Finding a boyfriend in this part of the world was hard enough, but to find one that was actually into femmes was against almost impossible odds. Then there was Caleb's muscles, and the body-hair that made him look older than he was - all pluses in Josh's book. He needed to keep Caleb.

Josh made a point of not looking into Caleb's eyes, which he knew would allow Caleb to look into his. "Look, Caleb… I know how I look, okay? I know what it does to people. But please… please just bear it for awhile. It'll get better, I swear. I'd tone it down if I could, but I've already done that, so… this is as plain as I can get. But… Hey. They told me that you dance. There's an arcade in Houma that'll be open for another two hours. Ever play DDR?"

"Yeah… I have one at home…"

"Great! Me too. So, your place, or mine, or Houma. Your choice."

Caleb was way too nervous to be talking about 'your place or mine' on his first date. "Let's do the arcade one. They're the real thing."

"Okay then… uhm… let me finish my iced tea, okay?", Josh said, relieved that he'd managed to change the subject. But there was another problem, which was the real reason he needed to delay long enough to 'finish his iced tea'. Caleb was wearing plain t-shirt with some sports team's name on the front - Josh didn't know or care which team it was - and Caleb's biceps and shoulders were making him so hard that he was worried about how he'd be able stand up. It could be a problem. The boxers and casual light slacks he was wearing weren't offering much restraint. But he knew tricks to take care of that because it happened on the job as well. So he started picturing the giant spiders from one of the Hobbit movies in his head. But then he saw something -

"Dude", he said very quietly, "I think I just saw your Japanese friend's face in the kitchen door window…"

"Oh god. I'm not surprised. I'm sorry - my friends are morons. And Phan is Vietnamese, by the way." Caleb hid his face in his hands. "Let's just hurry up and get out of here."

"Okay. Just a sec", Josh said, gulping down the rest of his tea and as much of the crushed ice as he could with it. Brain-freezes usually worked really well in these situations, although it was obviously a last resort.

"Jesus, Josh - how old are you?" Turned out that Josh was right - the effect did wear off, mostly, on the ride to Houma in Josh's SUV. They left Caleb's motorcycle at the restaurant, planning for Josh to bring him back to it later once the date was over. By now Caleb could almost feel his normal self around the other boy, although the smile still made him feel funny.

"You said I could pick anything."

"'Caramelldansen'? Seriously?"

"Just shut up and get on the platform. You want a speed mod?"

"Nah. But go ahead and set it to hard. I'm pretty good at this."

Josh smiled at that, and Caleb saw it. But the effect this time was was one of impending evil, like the periscope of a nuclear submarine rising up in the ocean. He wouldn't have said it that way, though.

The music started, and the steps appeared on their twin screens. "Hard" actually was pretty 'hard', and neither of them really had time to even glance at each other's screens to see how they were doing, let alone at each other. So Caleb didn't notice when Josh stopped even trying to follow the steps. Instead, he began dancing like the anime girls on the viral video he'd seen at home; all swaying hips and using hands for cat-ears, with a few side-steps here and there, but otherwise hardly moving his feet at all. He jump-turned sideways, facing Caleb, to give him a better view, once he noticed.

The dance really was all about hips, and they weren't "swaying" so much as "jerking" from one side to the other, as far as possible, and in time with the fast two-four-time music. It was a dance only a girl could do well, because bone structure. But Josh knew he could pull it off, and he did. He could have pulled it off better in a mini-skirt - something he'd done before, for an ad campaign trying to sell, yes, mini-skirts - but even in slacks, it was still a thing to see. Other arcade-goers stopped to watch.

And finally Caleb, sensing something different going on at Josh's platform, saw it too. Josh was going all out, squinting his eyes in faux joy, with his mouth wide open just like the anime girls on youTube. He was actually cute enough to look good doing that. Caleb stopped to watch too. By this time a crowd was gathering at the DDR station. Some of them were doing the dance too, with varying degrees of success. One of them who wasn't was Dustin, the honor student of Caleb's circle, in the back and wearing a dark gray hoodie with the hood up. It hid his hair, most of his face, and all of the bluetooth transceiver in his ear.

Another of the crowd was a young man done up in biker regalia, complete with (fake) tattoos, standing there with his arms crossed over his chest and scowling.

Once Josh saw Caleb watching him, he pointed a finger at him and said "Do it!" just loud enough to be heard above the music.

"Josh… I can't do that…"

"Just do it, man! C'mon!"

So Caleb shook his head in surrender and tried his best. His best turned out to be more comical-looking than cute. Luckily there wasn't much of the song left to go. Once it was over, the crowd applauded lightly while both boys on the platforms bowed theater-style. As the noise died down, a single dissenting voice was heard shouting, "Fucking FAGS!" Of course it was the bike-less biker. But no one paid any attention, including Josh and Caleb.

Josh had heard it before - more than once - and Caleb only looked briefly to see who had said it. Other than that, he didn't really care, and said to Josh, "I hope you're happy. And you lost, by the way."

"Oh, I did? Damn, I feel so ashamed. Let's do it again, for real this time."

So they did, and Josh won. They played a few other games, but never saw the biker man around again. Darrin, Dustin, and the rest of the circle might have had something to do with that.

The closing of the arcade marked the end of their date, and Josh drove Caleb back to Cut Off to get his motorcycle and head home. Instead of talking, they sang along to Josh's playlist. Caleb couldn't help but replaying Jeanette's advice over and over. MAYBE a kiss goodnight, no tongue. Caleb absolutely wanted a second date. He wanted more dates, no need to ascribe a number - what number date it was no longer mattered. Did that mean he could ignore Jeanette's advice?

"Sooo… I guess it's time for the goodnight kiss, right?", Caleb asked. They were both standing outside in the empty Alzina's parking lot, next to Caleb's street/dirt bike.

"At least kiss, yeah", Josh replied, but then had to backpedal upon seeing the other boys pained expression. "Sorry, forget I said that. I didn't know if you wanted… nevermind. It was only the first date after all, I don't know what I was thinking."

"I do", Caleb quipped. He'd thought about going further too, and had wondered about the possibility, but now that he knew it was possible, he realized that he absolutely wasn't ready for that. "But yeah, let's just leave it at a kiss for now. I hope we'll be having more dates. But it sucks that you live so far away though."

"We'll probably be meeting here a lot. Good thing the food is decent. That was really fun, Caleb. I... I wasn't really expecting that. Not that I know what I was expecting, but…"

"Yeah, me too", Caleb said taking a step forward into Josh's personal space, and resting his hands on the other boy's hips.

Josh half smiled, "You're good at this. Making the first move. But you only barely beat me to it, you should know." Now Josh took the remaining half-step forward, pressing their bodies together, and put his arms around Caleb's lower back.

"Not everything is a competition...", Caleb replied back, and that was the end of the witticisms as they kissed, closing their eyes in unison. No, there wasn't any tongue, but that hardly made any difference. In fact, the only reason Caleb had ever used his tongue when kissing - kissing girls on his cover-dates - was that he thought he was supposed to. He never did get why, and just assumed that maybe he'd understand when he eventually kissed someone he wanted to. Well, this time he did want to - and badly - and he forgot all about "supposed to". They traded lips for a long time, a full minute, Josh's between Caleb's, Caleb's between Josh's. They broke off because they needed more air - breathing from their noses just wasn't enough anymore. They were getting hot fast, and Caleb's hands were already underneath Josh's shirt, savoring the feel of the smooth skin of his torso and chest. When their lips met again, their mouths were still open from just trying to breathe, but there was still no tongue.

Josh's hands were not under Caleb's shirt - they were on his shoulders and moving down his arms to get a feel of those biceps he'd been staring at all evening. He also got a feel of Caleb's pecs and abs, but outside the t-shirt, not under it. Caleb wanted skin, Josh wanted what was under the skin. While Caleb was into feeling up Josh, concentrating on the sensations coming from his hands and fingers, Josh was more into just knowing that he was touching various parts of Caleb. What those parts actually felt like wasn't what he was after. As for the other side of the equation, Josh really really liked being touched like that, it sent sparks down his backbone. But Caleb was just kind of neutral about it, and merely enjoyed the fact that Josh wanted to touch him. For the most part, Caleb wasn't really paying much attention to what Josh was doing with his hands. He'd been fantasizing about touching Josh ever since seeing those topless pictures on Jeanette's phone, and now that it was actually happening, no, he wasn't paying much attention to anything else at all.

Until he felt the other boy squeezing his penis, that is. Josh had gotten his hand down Caleb's pants without him even knowing it. But still the kiss didn't break off. It only got more frantic. They were having to separate every few seconds now just to breathe, and then collide right back together again with audible wet noises. Without thinking about it or even realizing why he was doing it, Caleb began trying to lick-kiss Josh's lips, and then tongue. He wanted to taste more of Josh. Josh immediately copied the technique, also unconsciously. So that happened.

Josh squeezed, Caleb grunted. He didn't move his hand back and forth along Caleb's cock - without lubrication that really doesn't work - so he just held on to the last handful of cock and squeezed and released, squeezed and released, building up a rhythm.

Within twenty seconds of feeling him do that, Caleb was getting close to coming. If he came in his jeans it would be messy, but it was already too late for him to do anything about it, because it was already totally worth it.

Arching his back and helplessly thrusting his hips so that the two boys were bumping zippers, Caleb husked, "Juh!… Juh!… Juh!", which was as close as he could get to 'Josh, Josh, Josh' before he exploded into Josh's hand. Caleb's own hands weren't feeling up Josh anymore, they were holding on to his sides, gripping, holding on for dear life. His fingernails left indentations when he finally started to come down from his orgasm and let go.

He stumbled back against the car, his legs wobbly. Meanwhile Josh wiped at his slick fingers with a handkerchief.

"Uhm… Caleb?", Josh began apologizing", "I'm sor - I mean… I want you to know that I didn't plan that or anything. I just sort of… I couldn't help myself. I really couldn't. Sorry about the mess."

Between pants for breath, Caleb could only say, "Stop talking." He wanted to enjoy the moment, the serene feeling of the moment. He didn't need to hear any excuses. His leg muscles were still trembling. It felt good. Eventually his head cleared enough to realize that Josh was still standing there waiting to be allowed to speak again.

"Damn Josh… Okay, can I do you now?" Notice that Caleb wasn't asking if Josh wanted a hand-job, he was only asking for permission.

"Uhm… I appreciate the offer, but I'm… I'm just way too embarrassed now."

"Oh come on, you don't think I can get you back up? Pretty sure I can. Some way…" Having someone give you an orgasm gives one a lot of confidence, especially the first time.

"Then I'd be even more embarrassed. Look, when this started, we didn't even know if we were going to like each other, so neither of us prepared for… anything. But we'll be ready next time, right?"


"Right, so let's just say goodnight for now, okay? I'm all embarrassed and you're all messy, I think we've accomplished enough."

Caleb smiled and tried to take his weight off the car and stand in front of Josh. He stumbled on the first step, almost falling.

"Whoa - careful there. That must have been some orgasm…"

"No kidding. Okay, you're probably right; we'll plan better next time." Caleb kissed Josh - on the cheek.

"Are you trying to make some kind of point?" Josh asked incredulously.

"Nah. I just thought it'd be funny, all things considered", Caleb smiled and chuckled, and then gave him another real kiss, but without the feeling-up as before. "Well, alright then. Good night, Josh. Talk to you tomorrow."

After watching Caleb speed off on his bike, Josh got into his car, thinking to himself, all things considered, huh? Heh.

And after he left, Jeannette and Adam went home too.


It's Adam. Dude u know we were spying on u last night right?

Yea saw Phan at Alzina's U all r morons.

We also followed u 2 the arcade.


Your phone GPS Tracked u on an app.

Did u follow us back 2?

Me and J did.

U saw?

We looked away for the good part.

But u know anyway And J?

She knows 2 Were not telling anyone is what I wanted 2 tell u.

Good u r still idiots, tho.

Ur not mad?

Y were you following us?

b/c other places aren't like Golden Meadow.



Oh, I see.

so ok then?

I guess Just keep ur mouth shut.

Friday, two days later, Caleb showed up at Darrin's house for what was again down to a weekly meeting, usually just to make and check on plans for the weekend. As always, due to baseball practice he was the last one there. He stopped just inside the door, aghast. Everyone was wearing the same black t-shirts. #operationcaleb was emblazoned across their chests.

"Tell me that's not a real thing…", he complained, more annoyed than anything else.

Darrin explained, "Well… it didn't used to be, no. Afraid it is now though. We didn't do it, swear to god. There's only about eighty followers, though. Not including us."

"And how many tweets?"

Darrin looked down in shame, so Adam spoke up, "Last I looked, about fifteen hundred. Probably over two thousand by now."

"You fucking people…" Caleb said, obviously more distressed than actually mad. He knew there'd be gossip about him after coming out, but he'd never thought about it getting to the internet. "Whose idea was it, anyway?"

"I just thought it'd be funny if there was a hashtag. Didn't think about anyone actually starting one…" Chester said guiltily.

"I collected the money from everyone, and did the ordering, so I'm part of it too", Adam admitted.

"ANYWAY", Darrin said emphatically, trying to change the subject, "Will you be seeing Josh again? When's the next date? Throw us a bone here! You barely even told us anything about the first date at all."

"Didn't think I needed to, since you were all there!" He glanced at Adam and Jeanette, who were sitting together on the love-seat. They'd been doing that a lot lately. "Anyway, yes, I'm going to his house after practice tomorrow. Y'all aren't invited. And… just so you don't fucking ASK ME about it, yes, I'll be spending the night. Now leave me alone."

"Oh! I'm just in fujoshi heaven!", squealed Jeanette.

"What's 'fujoshi' mean?"

"Yaoi fangirl."

"What's 'yaoi' mean?"


"What THE FUCK does-"

"Boy's Love, or BL. It means gay male romance, Caleb. It's a thing."

"And you're a fangirl? I should've known…"

"Oh, it's not just me. Adam is too, so he'd be a 'fudanshi'. I think Darrin's starting to get into it as well. Huh, Darrin?"

"Well…" Darrn hesitated, "Well, a little, I guess. It is incredibly cute, I have to admit. But it's not real. I mean, it's basically all the same stuff, with pretty much the same characters even, just in different situations. It's really clichéd..."

Jeanette defended her fandom by saying, "Hey! When you find something that works, you stick with it."

"Josh, are your folks home?" Caleb ask as Josh let him in the door.

"Nope. Mom's visiting her sister, and took Becky with her. She'll be back sometime in the morning. Dad died when I was five."

"Oh… uh, sorry, man."

"Like I said, I was five. I don't remember much. Anyway, let's just get this up-front: we're going to have sex, right?" Josh wanted to be absolutely sure about the purpose of the 'date' this time so that there would no excuses. They'd been planning via text-message for days now. They'd both admitted to being virgins, but also both guessed that they'd "be able to figure it out". Since they were both boys, they assumed that that fact alone would alleviate a lot of first-time fumbling.

"That was the plan", Caleb admitted, "Did you 'prepare'?"

"Heh, yeah. I think I got everything. So, you wanna eat something first or just go right upstairs…"

"Actually, I'm starving. I came here straight from baseball practice. I should take a shower first too."

"No problem. I'm sure you can find the bathroom upstairs - no one else is here so just keep trying doors. I'm guessing you have fresh clothes in your backpack, then?"

"Among other things, yeah. I'm prepared too after all. Next time we should trade notes so we don't both bring the same stuff."

"Good idea. Okay, you shower, I'll heat some stuff up. Meet you in the kitchen."

"Roger that", Caleb said, all business.

"Oh yeah, that reminds me: hashtag operationcaleb?"

"God. I'm sorry. It wasn't my idea. How do you even know about that?"

"Becky showed me. It's okay, I think it's cute."

"You would", Caleb replied somewhat sarcastically. Why was everyone else so easy-going about these things when he wasn't?

"Toaster waffles? Are you kidding me?" Caleb was chagrined. He didn't even think of them as 'real food'.

"Well what did you expect - étouffée? I barely know how to boil water. Roux is way over my head."

"Okay, from now on, I do the cooking."

"You can cook?"

"It's a Cajun thing." It really was, too. Not a wide variety of styles, perhaps, what what a Cajun could cook, they usually cooked very well, men or women, boys or girls.

"I gaur-un-TEE!"

"That guy was from Mississippi. Don't ever mention him again, " Caleb compained. The famous faux-Cajun chef wasn't even from south of the I-10 interstate. How dare he call himself Cajun?

Once in Josh's bedroom things proceeded quickly, and with little talking. Caleb took the lead, since he was the first to move off the other boy's mouth and onto his chest, and then nipples, and then belly - he kissed and nuzzled Josh's torso for a long time, savoring the smooth or peach-fuzz skin, depending, and finally pulling down Josh's Calvin Kleins and sucking his penis without any fanfare at all.

He didn't even notice that Josh's cock was only of the usual size - about the same as his own. Even though he'd been fantasizing about extra-large cocks since even before puberty, now it didn't make any difference at all. Of course, that didn't occur to him at the time. There were no words floating around in his head at all, in fact.

Josh was still standing, with Caleb on his knees in front of him. He wasn't thinking with words, either - Caleb felt incredible! But then he felt something happening to his cock that he couldn't figure out by feel, and looked down to see what was going on.

Caleb was throating him. More and more cock disappeared into his mouth with every stroke, until Caleb's nose was buried in Josh's pubic hair, stroking dick down his throat while he held his breath as long as he could. While Josh knew about throating in theory - and had tried it himself with substitute cocks - he just couldn't do it. He'd always end up either throwing-up or almost throwing-up. Caleb wasn't even gagging. It felt more than incredible. And so Josh came, holding Caleb's face into his pubes, all the way down his throat. Caleb didn't resist.

Until he started spasming, trying to cough. Which felt even beyond more than incredible to Josh, but Caleb pulled himself off forcefully while Josh was still cumming, and proceeded to hack and cough constantly, while Josh kept pulsing cum onto his face. It was… less than erotic, to say the least.

"Oh, god man", Josh began, realizing what had happened, "I'm so sorry… Should-"

Caleb stopped him with a raised hand in "give me a minute" gesture. It turned into about five minutes before Caleb was finally able, haltingly, to speak.

"It's… it's not your fault. I - (hack, cough) - I wanted you to do that." That was all he could say before another round of constant coughing and throat-clearing took over.

Josh didn't know what to say. Caleb had wanted him to cum while down his throat? But that didn't make any sense (to Josh). He'd be missing the best part of giving head, wouldn't he?

And eventually Caleb regained at least a little composure, although his face was pretty red now and he was still clearing his throat several times during and after each sentence.

"No, Josh, that was all my fault, I'm the one who's sorry. Kind of ruined it for you, I know. It's just… it's something I've always wanted to do so bad. I've practiced a lot, and I thought I could do it. I never practiced with anything that came though. So I guess I wasn't ready after all."

"Well, it's -" Josh began, but Caleb interrupted him, apparently talking mostly to himself.

"It's got to be possible, though! Dammit. Maybe I just need more practice? I can research it. I bet reddit will know…"

"Caleb - it's not that big a deal, to me…"

"Well it is to me, though! It's like… it's my thing, y'know? I'll be trying again. Okay, not every time, for your sake, at least until I can do it right, but yeah, sometimes. Okay?"

"I guess… I mean, if you really want to so much. So… now it's my turn - but let's take a break first, get something to drink. You don't look very horny, anymore.."

"Yeah, yeah, okay. Sorry about that again."

"Oh for god's… stop it. Being sorry for wanting to throat me. It's ridiculous."

"What I really want is to be able to have an orgasm just from giving head. A mouthgasm", Caleb said in between swigs of Red Bull.

"Wow. That'd be hard to do. But they say that most of sex is in the brain…"

"Yeah, that's what I keep thinking about too. Anyway, that's my jack-off fantasy. So what's yours?"

"My jack-off blow-job fantasy?", Josh asked a little abashed.

"Yeah, I told you mine, you have to tell me yours."


"Oh my god - are you blushing?"

"Fine. Mouthfuls of cum, okay? Having my mouth filled with cum, and swallowing it. Until I'm stuffed."

"Wow. The 'until I'm stuffed part would take-"

"There'd be a line of men, yeah, and I just go down the line", Josh admitted. Yes, he was blushing. He'd never shared such a dirty and personal sex-fantasy with anyone before, even anonymously on the internet like most people do. In fact, he was genuinely surprised that it seemed to be so easy.

"Aww! That's so cute!"

"Stop it. Like you said, it's just a fantasy. But I should be able to at least get one mouthful", he said slyly, "You about ready?"

And Josh did get his mouthful. In fact, he two (well, one and a half), because Caleb came the first time within a single minute, and Josh wanted a lot more time than that. Over all, Josh had cock in his mouth for a little over twelve minutes. He was in heaven.

Now it was time for the other thing. Since Caleb had just cum - twice - it was agreed that Josh would be the top. Actually, Caleb would have begged Josh to be the top in any circumstance. He really was all about other cocks, not his own.

"So, it just squirts right up my butt?"

"Yup - that's why it has the little nozzle thingy, I guess."

"How much?"

"I have no idea. But I hear that more is always better. Uh… Caleb? You have practiced, right? I mean, this won't be-"

"Actually… that's how I usually jerk-off. With something in my butt. You ever do that?"

"Sometimes, but not usually. It's so messy…"

"I guess you might as well know, Josh; I'm a total bottom."

"I was just thinking that. It's so weird though - the big, tough jock, a total bottom."

"And the twink girly-boy on top. We're quite a couple, ain't we? Uh, I mean 'girly-boy' in the best possible way..."

"I knew what you meant. So doggy-style or what?"

"Cowgirl. Lean up against the headboard", Caleb ordered.

"You'll be doing all the work, you know…"

"Yeah, and I can work it any way I want. Okay with you?"

"Whatever suits you just tickles me plum to death."

So Caleb had his third orgasm and Josh his second. Both boys were capable of about five orgasms a day, being teenage boys, but that was just masturbating. Those orgasms were definitely not like the sex orgasms. Even the best jack-off orgasms never left them virtually unable to move. It was a new experience.

What with all the excitement about the sex, Josh had forgotten to set his alarm clock, and they didn't wake up in bed together until almost ten in the morning. Josh awoke first, immediately checking the time.

"Shit! Caleb! Caleb, wake up! You gotta get out of here, man. Shit shit SHIT!"

"Huh?", the half-asleep Caleb replied.

"You gotta go, man! Find your clothes and… fuck, there's no way out except going downstairs. Goddamnit. They'll be here any minute!" Josh got up and looked out the window to the driveway below. There were no cars there yet.

Caleb, awake enough to at least begin to grasp the situation, said, "What's the deal? Who's coming?"

"Uh… the agency staff. I've got a shoot today. You gotta get out of here, man!"

"You have a shoot? Like, a modeling shoot? Here?"

"I don't have time to explain. Yeah, they send all the staff here rather than try to ship me there. Something about child-labor laws. Get DRESSED!"

"So… you're afraid they'll figure out that you're gay, if they see me? I can't just be a sleep-over friend?"

"They all know I'm gay, it's no secret. Shit! They're here… goddammit…"

"Can't I just hang out and watch you work? What's the big deal?"

Josh's breathing slowed as he stared at the other boy, trying to find a way to say it. "I'd… I'd just prefer… if you didn't…"

"How come?"

There was a question Josh didn't dare answer. But, it didn't really make much difference now. The whole makeup and lighting crew was down there, making their way into the house. The photogs and their assistants would show up in another half-hour.

"Fuck. I guess it doesn't matter now, anyway. Look, I'm going to take a really quick shower, then you should do the same. I'll meet you in the studio. Just… try not to get in anyone's way for now, okay?"

"The studio?"

"Go out the kitchen back door, it'll be the only building you see. Go hang out at the craft table, get some breakfast. Makeup and hair take about an hour. I'll find you. Oh - and don't bring your cell-phone in there. If you do they'll take it from you and destroy it. I've seen them do it before. Shit - if anyone asks who you are, just tell them you're my boyfriend - including my Mom. She'll probably want to hug you, so be prepared for that. Caleb… I gotta go! See ya later."

Caleb never got the chance to ask what a 'craft table' was.